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"I have nothing to do with Benimar, after the Champions League final we will talk to the club management about possible changes," Zidane told a news conference reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca.

"I do not know the administration's position on the negotiations with Neymar. I did not ask for that. The current season must first end well and the rest will be discussed later."

On the possibility of incompatibility between Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, Zizou said: "The good players always fit. I was told that I was not compatible with Djurkayev, but we won the World Cup together, on the pitch there is chemistry between the good players."

"In the locker room, we always talk about these things like contracts, now we're about to play the third consecutive Champions League finals, and we just focus on that, I'm not worried," he said about the talk in the locker room about the Neymar deal.

"I am optimistic and when you take charge of this big team, you dream of winning," the Frenchman said.

"In my career as a player, I won everything and I hope to repeat it as a coach."

As for the candidacy of Real Madrid to crown the title, he said: "What is said abroad something and what we think at home is something else."

"I do not think we should be prepared in a special way. We have to prepare very well," he said.

"We are good, although we have recently received a lot of goals, we can improve, but our defense is very strong, I am very happy with it."

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