Time to BURN some RHB tokens! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Hello, RealHubbers and Happy new week! We got a few complaints from the community about the current value of the RealityHubs Token (RHB). We want everyone to understand that the RHB market is completely decentralized and anyone can set the price they wish to buy/sell just like many other crypto-currencies. However, we at RealityHubs want to see the token's value go uptrend as well which is why we have introduced the RHB Burn initiative through Steem-Power delegation as explained in this post.

On this update, we want to inform our community that all the RHB reward earned from our blog post (@realityhubs.info) will be burned by sending to @null. Also, all the steem/SBD earned, (Thanks to the community votes through Steem) will be used to buy RHB token from the market and burnt as well. This way, we will be able to keep the value of RHB stable and consistent. We hope to keep getting support from the community and we'll return that favor by burning the earned rewards. We'll be sure to update our community every week with information on the token burn.


  • Burn all RHB token earned from our blog posts (@realityhubs.info)

  • Use the Steem/SBD reward earned from our blog posts to buy and burn RHB token from the market.

We are not resting!

Over the last few weeks, we have been engaged in serious brainstorm to improving the RealityHubs project. RealityHubs is not just a tribe with a steemit-like interface. As we've mentioned on one of our previous updates here, we are developing a better interface for our community of reviewers, business owners, companies and of course, review searchers who are looking for quality/genuine reviews to help them decide whether or not to buy a product.

We are not just considering the reward aspect of our platform. We are also considering a lot of unique features to make the platform very interactive, addictive, and engaging.

Want to help develop the project?

We are more than happy to collaborate with anyone who is willing to help us develop the project faster. The Steem blockchain has a lot of intelligent and amazing community members and that is why we are here to stay. Not just that, we look forward to inviting more awesome individual to this chain through our platform.

Are you a UI/UX Designer, a developer or a creative thinker and you want to help develop the project? feel free to contact us by reaching out to @knowledges on discord with the username:knowledges (Smiles' at all)#3295. He responds pretty fast to anyone. You can as well, join the RealityHubs Discord server here


Our community of reviewers have been doing great in providing decent reviews of books, places, movies, documentary and the list goes on. We are so excited about that and we encourage everyone to keep that up. We have been engaged in curating awesome reviews with our curation account (@reality.curate). We appreciate all your support. Stay tuned for our next update.

The RealityHubs Team.

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Dear Sir,

At last I can see that you realized that its time to do introduce better token sinks. Sir to be honest realityhubs is a good idea, but it is equally true that you are doing nothing about the token value, you can not sit on the premise by just saying that it is decentralized, you have to introduce better token sinks. You can better learn it from neoxag, sportstalk, steemleo, etc. They are really doing good. The inflation in SPORTS is very high, yet its price far better than you. You can run some ads in the forum and can use that money to buyback RHB tokens, so that a buy wall can be created. This is what SPORTS did. For some period, the condition SPORTS was also same like RHB, but they really looked into it and its now really doing well.

I really want to post good articles in realityhubs, bvut sir, you can not ignore the token price in a tokenized economy. After all everyone wants to value their time and effort.

I hope you will look into this matter seriously and will do something about it.


Posted on RealityHubs - Rewarding Reviewers

Hello, @milaan. Thank you so much for your feedback. We'll definitely check out the tribes you've suggested. I have seen a few review post from you and they are genuine and great. You will soon see more updates from us. Stay tuned.

If you'd like to share some great ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch with me on Discord.

Kind regards

Posted on RealityHubs - Rewarding Reviewers