Movie review: FIREPROOF - a must watch for married couples

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What an interesting Christian dramatic movie that is suitable for married couples and those that have just started dating. This American film was directed and written by the Kendrick brothers in 2008. The fireproof movie features Caleb (Kirk Cameron), acting as a husband of Catherine and a fire captain of one of a firefighting company. Catherine Holt (Erin Bethea), acting as the wife of Caleb and an administrator of Phoebe Putiny memorial Hospital. Michael (Ken Bevel) who is Caleb’s Coworker and John (Harris Malcolm), acting as the father of Caleb. Dr. Gavin Keller (Perry Revell), acting as the doctor who flirts with Catherine when her marriage with Caleb is falling apart.
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The Storyline

Caleb and Catherine’s marriage is on a verge of breaking up as these are seen exchanging harsh words in disagreement. Catherine is not happy for his husband’s refusal to pay up her sick mother’s hospital bills for her medication and treatment due to his preferred choice of using the money he has to buy a boat. Caleb is also addicted to watching pornographic videos on the internet which is also making Catherine bitterer about him. Due to the continuous disagreement with her husband (Caleb), Catherine starts pushing for the divorce which Caleb attests to due to the anger his also harboring for his wife.

While in the process of filing the divorce with his wife, Caleb is interrupted by his father John, who advises him to call off the marriage divorce and instead try out the 40 day Love Dare challenge with a goal of putting things right is his faith-based marriage through handling his wife in an appropriate manner. Caleb reluctantly listens to his Dad and opts to run with the Love Dare solution his dad presents him. On the other hand, his wife Catherine begins to flirt with Doctor Gavin Keller at the hospital where she works.

Catherine’s workmates(nurses) advise her not to be taken up by her husband’s changed ways of handling her. These inform her that her husband’s reformation is just trickery he is employing in order to divorce her in a better way leaving her feeling guilty of it. Caleb feels discouraged because of her wife’s ongoing negative reaction towards him, despite the good signals of reformation his trying to demonstrate to her. John keeps backing him up, encouraging him to keep trying. Catherine on the other side increases her affections with Dr. Gavin Keller which makes her stronger and comfortable in the situation.

Unfortunately, Caleb gets injured by the fires in one of his firefighting missions and he is rushed to the same hospital where his wife works. While in the hospital he is worked on by Dr.Gavin who notices that Caleb is Catherine’s husband but insists and keeps pushing out with his wife. Dr. Gavin, later on, decides to back off from Caleb’s wife when he is confronted by Caleb who opens up to him that he (Dr. Gavin) was also married.

Catherine discovers that her mother’s hospital bills have been cleared by an unknown person who she falsely anticipates to be Dr.Gavin. She finally finds out the actual truth that it was his husband who used all his savings to sort up the biggest percentage of her mother’s hospital bills. She gets back in love with him and their marriage vows are eventually renewed.
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My thoughts

Obedience to your parents can really save you from making certain mistakes in life. Caleb obeyed his father through agreeing to his counsel of 40 days challenge of reformation in his marriage which eventually worked out for him and his marriage was restored.

Keeping secrets of what you are going through can also safeguard your life from being ill-advised by certain people around you. Catherine was wrongly advised by her workmates about the reformation plans of her husband due to the fact that they had known the truth of what was transpiring in Catherine’s marriage. She made a terrible mistake of informing them about it as they later caused her not to pay attention to the real reformation that her husband was on.

Always fight for your marriage. Marriage is something good and honorable before God. If things are not going well in your marriage then try Self-examining yourself and see where you have gone astray and ill-treated your spouse so that you find measures to fix the problem as soon as possible in order to get things right and save your marriage from breaking apart.

Love can never fail. Caleb decided to love her wife through the Love Daring challenge presented to him by his dad and secured victory over the divorce challenge that had paused before him. This brings out a very vital biblical lesson and understanding about the power of love. It is indeed undefeatable by any life circumstance.


According to my judgment, I give this movie a 4.8/5 –star rating. It’s a must watch by all married couples and those who are beginning to date as it has lots of marriage lessons that can be picked up so that they make their marriages better and stronger.

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Hey there @yohan2on!
This is splendid! Though I'm not married, I really want to watch this movie. I must confess that I felt goose bumps run down my spine when I read " it was her husband who used all his savings to sort up the biggest percentage of her mother’s hospital bills". Thanks for contributing to the realityhubs community. I really love this review.

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Thanks so much, @chrisbarth for the appreciation. He did all that for the sake of love and restoration of his marriage. When you value someone in life, you can sacrifice anything for the sake of that person.