The Writers' Block Is No More!

2년 전



Don't panic! We're not going away! We are just changing the name.


Firstly, variations on the Writers' Block name already exist across the internet. Just yesterday I was sent a link to a new account on Whaleshares with the same name. We have been contemplating this for a while, however. Our publishing house is called Steemhouse Publishing and our forthcoming front end will be Steemhouse Literary Journal. To tie in with these other properties our Discord name now been has changed to Steemhouse Community, and is still available at the same link HERE.

In the same vein, the name of this account has also been changed to Steemhouse Community. The account address remains the same.

We hope you understand our changes and we look forward to growing further in 2019 as we prepare to release our first book High Kill in the next few months and reveal Steemhouse Literary Journal to you.

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Exciting times! Good luck #steemhousepublishing! :)

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Nice panic-click-bait!
Have you setup a new Steem account too? Only takes 13 weeks to transfer all funds :-)

I didn't even know you had a press.. glad I stumbled upon it..

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Steem books. Now that's an easy project to manage and code for :) what a relaxing project

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