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Hello friends of Steemit I hope you are well, it is worth telling you what happened in Venezuela and many know it through the news, so after so many days offline I take advantage of Saturday that is my day of rest to catch up, it should be noted that In my case, I can not dedicate enough time to Steemit for my obligations, but I am very happy that in spite of that, when I publish, I receive support.

There is a recipe that by name called my attention, Bacon of Heaven, immediately came to my head a piece of fat and crispy bacon, but the name has nothing to do with the recipe, the bacon of heaven consists of yolk egg, sugar and water, prepare a syrup by dissolving the sugar in water. To this mixture while it is warm add the yolks, beating them, the resulting mixture is strained and poured into a caramelized container that is cooked in a bain-marie until it has hardened, that is, it acquires the consistency of a flan and this dessert it is served cold, the name of this dessert is due to its appearance, texture and flavor, since when you eat it you will feel in heaven.

In this recipe the microwave will be used, since everything in the kitchen advances, this electric appliance is becoming very helpful for people who do not have gas or their kitchen is damaged.



  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 glass of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 5 egg yolks


Make a syrup with water and sugar, let cool, beat the egg yolks and the egg, add the syrup slowly while stirring. Caramelize the mold, Incorporate the preparation previously passed through a fine sieve, cook in the microwave at 400W for 5 minutes, let stand 2 minutes inside the microwave without opening the door, cook another 5 minutes at 400W let stand another 2 minutes inside the microwave without opening the door, If it is not set, put 1 minute and check until it is ready, let stand a few minutes. Insert in the refrigerator when it is no longer hot.

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