How To Make Perfect Hamburger Patties

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Tonight I REALLY wanted a hamburger, so I bought some fresh ground meat at the grocery store. I searched the whole store for a hamburger patty maker, but of course I did not find one! When I got home, I knew the best place to look would be google which led me to a few videos on Youtube. I think they ended up being great videos and the kids said these were the best hamburgers better! Even better than McDonald's! That's high praise here in Panama!

How to Shape the Hamburger Patty

The first video I found was one that showed me how to make a hamburger patty using two round lids from take out containers. I searched through our lids and found two that looked like the right size from our cream cheese containers! The guy said to put the meat in there and press the lids together. Voila, the hamburger patty would be perfectly formed.

Tips to Make the Best Hamburger Patty

The next video had a lot of really helpful tips and tricks after you've formed the perfect hamburger patty. It said to put a thumb print in the middle to keep the burger from shrinking up into a ball while cooking. I was kind of wondering if this would help, but it really did stay the same size!! Then it said to season one side of it heartily with pepper and wait to put salt on it until you're about to put it on the grill because the salt will soak up the juices. It also says to not touch the meat too much because it mashes the protein together and makes it more dense! Put it in the fridge for 20 minutes before grilling to get it back to a cool temp. Flip it once. Let it sit after cooking for a few minutes before putting on the bun. I'm telling you, this video was full of information and it helped me make a great tasting, not overcooked hamburger. This may be a first!!

Amazing Burgers!!

My kids said they were great! This is probably the first time I have made a hamburger that didn't end up being burnt on the outside, dry on the inside, and shaped like a ball. They stayed flat, tasted great, were juicy and everyone was happy with dinner! I highly recommend watching these 2 videos (6 minutes total) so that you can improve your hamburger game as well!!

Did You Learn Something New?

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The lid trick is cool. I usually just hand form them, but they would be much more uniform using that method.

Interesting!! I’ll be forwarding this post to my husband. He’s the hamburger maker around here and is always looking for ways to improve on them (they are already so delicious). That is clever about the thumb print and waiting to add the salt. Thanks for sharing these tips! I’m glad your family loves your outcome!

I rarely eat at Mac and honestly never liked their burgers. I will always chose a home made one over one at Mac. Though the kids love their burgers... Next time I will do some at home, I will revisit your post cause I am sure my lymed mind will forget the tips you shared. ;0)

Will try this one soon, I love a nice hamburger every once in a while but not those fabricated hamburgers from the grocery store :) nothing beats a hamburger that's homecooked from scratch..

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I hand form my patties. I used a press when I was in Spokane at my brother's place, but have never really felt the need for perfectly formed patties.

The thumbprint is a really good idea. I use it as a grease repository when I'm slow cooking (which is very rare with hamburger, I want it now) but will start using it all the time. GREAT TIP

Thanks for a wonderful post. I really do appreciate it.

Nothing like homemade hamburgers @apanamamama, I always make my own but have learnt a few tricks here like the thumb print, definitely trying that with our next burger night :) Thank you for sharing!

Welcome back! Nice tutorial on hamburger crafting. Next time I actually make my own, I may leave them overnight in red wine and see if that does anything ;-)

Thanks for sharing some tricks of the trade mine are always too rough

My mom used to make burgers like that, in lids.
Im too lazy to look for lids, I just squish them, haha. I do use the thumb method too, and lightly season with salt and pepper. I love hamburgers! You know what is even better?! Burgers on homemade buns!

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