Sahi Polao Recipe At Home

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Materials :

  1. Polo rice 1 kg,

  2. A large portion of a liter of high temp water,

  3. some fluid drain,

  4. Sugar 1 teaspoon,

  5. 2 tablespoons of nuts,

  6. 1 tablespoon of raisins,

  7. 4 bits of cinnamon,

  8. Emerald 5-6, cloves 10-12,

  9. Dark pepper 10,

  10. 1 container onion,

  11. Ginger glue 1 tablespoon,

  12. Bean stew 5-6,

  13. Salt taste

  14. 1 measure of ghee,

  15. Bubbled eggs for arranging are 1 (made of four bits of vertical).



Garnish with sauce and keep aside the onion and keep it aside. Presently you need to help the blend with high temp water, nuts, raisins and ginger glue. At the point when overflowed with water sprinkle, bubble it with a tad of boiling water and keep it delicate with fluid drain, sugar and green chillies for a brief period. Spread the outside outwardly of polio.
Photography: @evan101

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