Tasteful Kucchi Biriyani Recipe

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Kucchi Biryani's Equipment-

Khasir meat (counting bone) 1 kg

Polao rice (better if the neighborhood Kalijera, generally the Basmati) 1 kg

Onion 2 (substantial)

Lemon juice 1/4 glass

6 tablespoons of ginger garlic glue

Red bean stew powder 1/2 tablespoon (if wanted)

Bean stew 6a

4 long stretches of cardamom

Dark cardboard 2

Two bits of cinnamon (1 "tall)

Baypata 2

Mint leaves 1/2 glass

Coriander leaves 1/2 glass

1/2 kg of harsh cream

2 tablespoons of ghee

Oil 2 glasses

Salt (like amount)

Sephron/Keora (2 squeezes some water)

Tomato 1, Cube madeAlu (discretionary)

4 cloves powder

1 triumph powder

1 \ 8 teaspoon jayatree powder

1 teaspoon cumin powder

6 dried pepper powder

Potato Bukhara 8-10

Flour (sum)
Kakchi Biryani formula


1/Wash washed meat and place it in a bowl. Try to put the mouthpiece in the mouth with the assistance of peas yogurt, ginger garlic glue, powdered flavors, lemon juice, minimal salt, oil. Following 2 hours, the meat will be generally marinated.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you keep the entire night, it will be great legitimacy.

Prepare 2/onion and broil it with dark colored. Make icy powder when icy.

3/potatoes light dark colored darker brown

4/This time rice washed and set in another holder. Ghee hot in a pot. Pound the onion. At the point when the onion turns out to be delicate, at that point include cardamom, dark cardamom, cinnamon, sound leaf. Shake a couple of moments. Presently give salt. On the off chance that you put salt, the onion won't consume.

5/Paste the rice in the pot. 1 teaspoon ginger garlic glue in rice, begin searing admirably with somewhat salt. At the point when the rice is stuck under the pot, let the boiling water day such that the water moves 1 inch over the rice.

6/After a while, when dilute is coming, keep the bones over the bones low in the air pockets and keep it in another bowl.

7/Pure marinated meat over bubbled rice. Spread the pot on the meat, include little ghee and potato bokhara.

Put some semi-bubbled rice in favor of the pot, on the pot. To finish everything, include mint leaves, coriander leaves, stew bean stew glue and pour the rest of the rice on it. Pour the water of the saffron on the rice and close the mouth of the pot completely.

8/mixture with water. Put the cover in the mouth of the pot with the mixture. Keep it aside for two hours. Let's assume it enthusiastically

Subsequent to serving 9/60 minutes, pour the serving dish. Sprinkle tomato spinach, onion and sear to finish everything.

If you need to cook kachi birani gas stove, put the tool on the broiler. Put a sauce container with bubbling water on the pot and diminish the stove following 20-25 minutes. Take another to one and a half hours to dispose of biriyani scent.

And in the event that you need to cook on the biriyani broiler, warm it at 180 degree Celsius in stove. Take the pot for 3 hours in the hot broiler and drop it.

If you need to cook biriyani in the fire of wood, at that point in the wake of setting flame to wood, when 3/4 bits of flame will be scorched in the fire, it will be huge wood and coal, put the pot in the fire of coal. Fire the wood and coal on the best and around the pot. At the base of the pot, the wood ought to be scorched for 15 minutes and after that another more than two hours will be kept in the fire of coal.

Photography: @evan101

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Biryani is a dish no one can't deny. Good post.

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