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Ideally and best and I would say that even healthy for hot days is to hydrate with plenty of water, but we can also prepare delicious refreshing drinks and natural fruits, the preferred is always a very cold lemonade, who does not enjoy a glass of Lemonade with lots of ice on a hot day, we can give our traditional lemonade a different color by adding blueberries or pomegranate, today I will share a different lemonade recipe to the one you are used to preparing.

To this lemonade we previously prepare a syrup with water and sugar, before mixing both fruit juices. So then the sugar does not separate nor do we have to stir to dissolve it.


Ingredients (FOR 5-6 PEOPLE):

  • 400 ml of natural lemon juice, squeezed immediately
  • 150 ml of cranberry or pomegranate juice, packaged
  • 450 ml of cold water
  • 120 g of sugar
  • Two tbsp. lemon zest
  • Additional lemons for slicing garnish
  • Ice to taste


In a saucepan we pour half the water and add the sugar, grate the lemons bark with a grater until we get the amount of the recipe and add it to the saucepan, heat and cook 10 minutes over low heat, then remove this loose syrup from the heat and let cool to room temperature, cut the lemons in half and squeeze to get the amount of juice we need, strain the syrup with a strainer and discard the lemon zest, pour the lemon juice obtained, the cranberry juice, the cold syrup and the rest of the water in the dispenser or jar that we are going to use, mix and put some thin slices of lemon to garnish, finally add the ice, wait a few minutes for the lemonade to cool, close the lid and serve .

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