Song Of The Day: Caroline Shaw - Partita for 8 Voices (1. Allemande)

2년 전

I'm feeling adventurous today. Again today. I'm going to mix this series (and playlist) up with some classical music.

It's an understatement to say that a cappella isn't really my thing. There's just so much bad "modern" choral music out there, that when you actually stumble upon something amazing like this piece, it's overwhelming.

Caroline Shaw won the pulitzer price back in 2013 for this piece, and became the youngest recipient of the prize ever. Here the combination of speech, the bended notes and melodies seem to add up to more of the sum of the pieces. The insistency is what makes it so appealing to me. There's an youthful energy to it.

For me it brings to mind John Cage's "Living Room Music" (1940) with the use of speech, but also more contemporary composers like Nico Muhly's "Mothertongue" (2008). But then suddenly when the choir explodes into song in parallel polyphony it has this almost medieval feel. Please foregive me - I don't have the largest frame of reference for choral works.

ArtistRoomful Of Teeth
SongPartita for 8 Voices (1. Allemande)
AlbumRoomful Of Teeth
ProducerJesse Lewis

I'll update this Spotify Playlist with available tracks → #songoftheday

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