Song Of The Day: Ramsey Lewis - Hey Mrs. Jones

2년 전

Yesterday I was flying solo to London to meet Palace Winter for a show at Rough Trade East. I mostly listen to podcast or audio books when traveling, but sometimes you just need some music to help on the way. So I’m summoning my inner music supervisor to find a track to accompany me slowmotion walking through Heathrow Wes Anderson-style.

What I came up with was this:

Ramsey Lewis is totally hit or miss for me. As a piano player his style can seem childish, just playing soul or blues licks over anything and everything - but then sometimes it just works. This track is from 1967 Goin Latin, which really isn’t my favorite, but it’s still good fun. In this period Maurice White played (insanely funky) drums in Ramsey Lewis Trio. That is before going on to found a little group called Earth Wind & Fire and write and produce hits like September or That's the Way of the World.

ArtistRamsey Lewis
SongHey Mrs. Jones
AlbumGoin’ Latin
ProducerEsmond Edwards

I'll update this Spotify Playlist with available tracks → #songoftheday

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You got a dope taste in music!


Hah, thanks a lot @scuzzy !