Song Of The Day: Yonin Bayashi - Flying (Beatles Cover)

2년 전

Very soon I'm going to Japan for the first time as a part of a longer Asia tour. So I've been trying to do a little research into the Japanese psych scene of the 70s, and I came across this pretty amazing record by Yonin Bayashi. Especially the opener is really insteresting, covering no other than The Beatles and their Aerial Tour Instrumental. But here in Yonin Bayashi's version it is sounding strangely modern, with it's chorus-drenched guitars and synth space sounds. Pretty magical!

The rest of the album seems to be leaning more towards standard late-70s prog-rock with some humorous twists.

ArtistYonin Bayashi
AlbumGolden Picnics

I'll update this Spotify Playlist with available tracks → #songoftheday

If you're interested I will go on tour playing with Sleep Party People in Japan, Hong Kong, China & Taiwan later this month.

Tour Dates:

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