How to make good use for a very old laptop/pc

4년 전

Hi guys, today I would like to talk how I did used a pentium laptop with 512 mb ram and 40 gb storage into something usefull.You have a few options: 1. You can install linux. Linux is free and also it can work on older hardware very well.I recomend linux mint for beginers as it has a similar interface to windows but it would be good to know the terminal. 2. You can make it a router(that's what I did).On older laptops you can put network cards on them on the side so I put one network card and bought a switch and installed a os called pfsense.It's also free as linux and you can do a lot with it.It detected the wireless card inside and the internal network and also external network without problem.I use it as a firewall. 3. Dissasamble it and use it for parts. My dad repairs electronics and another good use it's recycling the parts inside.

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