8 Free Recycled Items Sold In The Last 24 Hours For $550 Revenue (~67 pounds) - DIY Money To Keep Me Retired From The Corporate World

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  • These 8 curb-salvaged items were sold for $550 in the last 24 hours.

  • Profit after fees/shipping with 7 sold online was $417.

  • The weight of these items and their recycled packaging was nearly 67 pounds.

  • I also had thrifting revenue that's not counted in these figures (also shipped in recycled packaging).

Not bad for a one-man-army operation trying to help the environment...

When you cut ties from what you're expected to do, to pursue what you want to do, good things happen...

Since I've challenged myself to earn $2,000 profit to go to SteemFest to inspire others, I've been hustling the stores a lot and recycling a little bit less than usual. Thrifting is much less profitable and far more draining, but I'm trying to lead by example. After a full day out in my city at thrift stores, the gym, my fitness challenge, and any social time, energy is low for recycling on weekdays... but I'm still going at it. I'll sleep later because "where there's a will..."

Here's my post explaining my goal. If I don't reach it, I won't go.

Motivation and accountability. The world needs more of this.

Saved & Sold:

2012 UPPAbaby Vista stroller sold for $120 cash.

~26 pounds.

2018 stroller second seat sold for $137.50 for $98.62 profit after fees/shipping.

~9 pounds in recycled packaging.

Vacuum cord winder sold for $33 for $21.10 profit after fees/shipping.

~2.5 pounds in recycled packaging.

Rain damaged CFA study books sold for a discounted $40 for $26.30 profit after fees/shipping. Why not?

~9 pounds in recycled packaging.

History textbook sold for $65 for $49.14 profit after shipping/fees.

~7 pounds in recycled packaging.

Vacuum power nozzle and wand tested and sold for $85 for $60 profit after shipping/fees.

~10 pounds in recycled packaging.

Vacuum motorized floor tool sold for $27 for $16.19 profit after shipping/fees.

~1.1 pounds in recycled padding, but a USPS flat rate envelope to save $3.50 in postage.

Fish tank heater sold for $12 for $6.39 profit after shipping/fees. Not much, but not destroyed...

~11 ounces in recycled packaging.

Vacuum hose sold for $31 for $19.07 profit after shipping/fees.

~ 1.5 pounds in recycled packaging.


  • 8 sales / $550 revenue = $68.75 per find in revenue.

  • 8 sales / $417 net profit = $52.13 per find in profit.

  • $120 of this for the heaviest item was cash.

So... if curb or commercial recycling is available nearby, why aren't you getting involved?

Keep your eyes peeled and you never know what you can find.

When you come across something, try to "see what you can sell if for" instead of "seeing it as junk."

That's my talent, and it's not rocket science.

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Love the strollers & accessories.

Last week I picked up a very technical tool kit for aligning machinery shafts for just $7 at auction. This morning it sold for $2,500 plus shipping! Cha-ching!


Dayum. Goodwill auction or a local one? That's a legendary flip!


Regional auction company. They have a location in Tucson and in Phoenix.

I really admire what you are doing. Keep it up!

Still wanting to see you do this in a less affluent neighbourhood... LOL.... NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING lasts for more than an hour in Thailand on the street - even a broken plastic bottle. Our city has just installed a new phone app for instant collection of unwanted goods - all free - just msg them and they come on demand.

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Astounding work! Really hope you make that $2k for STEEMfest! You deserve it.


Thanks, the $2K has to come from thrifting profit and won't be easy given the current overpriced thrift scene here. I'm going to try though. I'm going to need some nice hauls vs the one-offs I've been finding.

If $2K was from recycling income, I'd get it no problem, but the point was to push myself with something others can possibly do to show them it can be done with some legwork.


Awesome man. Proper graft, it’ll pay off I’m sure!