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The bitcoin for the year was 2017: the beginning of the year 2017, it was close to cryptocurrency 1,000, after launching the bitcoin price index by the huge CME Group to reach a high level of 19, 666 dollars on Sunday. images.jpg

It has since lost nearly one-third value. It soon touched a level of 20,000. Though it has now reached a bottom of 14000 dollars. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is known to have a sharp fluctuation. In November it had dropped to 30 phisad within four days and came up to 5,555 dollars from the 7,888 dollar level. In September, there was a decline of 40 phisad. Takashi Hiroki, chief strategist at Moneks Secuerities in Tokyo, says, "Investment in Bitcoin is similar to gaming, so its movement cannot follow the rational pattern. What the hell is bitcoin? Kedia Commodity chief Ajay Kedia explained the first thing is that Bitcoin has no currency. By definition of cryptocurrencies, the currency of any country has not doubled and bounced to three seventy within weeks, because the currency is stable and is used in transactions. Bitcoin recently reached the 11000-dollar level and then came fall 9000 Dolkar. However, a few days later, it had surpassed the 18000 billion figure. No currency comes out of this kind of fluctuation. Such asthitarata can generally come in an investment option. Understand the risk of not bitakvain profits: Kedia explained that the regulatory as a regulator has been set up to monitor the stock market but there is no regulatory of Bitcoin. They operate private player internationally. As you all know, Bitcoin is the purchase of digital means. If you say someone is trying to hack your system and steal your Bitcoin, you will hear your complaint. You will have no other choice except to cry. Kedia said RBI has been sartak to India's investors recently saying that it is completely illegal and that they should not invest in it. The central bank says he does not know the Bitcoin nor does he regulate it .

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