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A great idea for the Redfish users. Thanks so much for this dear @sgt-dan for this cool way to keep your path of helping redfish to grow their accounts and engage our ecosystem.
Wished I could enter there but well we have to give lower SP users the chance to go higher here.
My best wishes for this wonderful initiative!
Big hugs and love over there ❤️


Thank you so much for your kind words. I do what I can.

Thank you for doing this contest. Here is my entry, hope it is not too late:


Please provide a link to your sharing of this post on your TwitterTM account! Thank you for your entry! It is very good!

No, you are not too late. The contest just began today!

Promoting this to Redfish Rally participants! ^_^ Happy weekend to you!

I don't have -and flat out refuse to get/use - a Twitter account. The majority of "social media platforms" just do not interest me in the least. So I will just cheer everyone on from the sidelines! hehe.


Thank you for your interest and I understand! Would you please share this contest with your friends as they may have an interest! 2d Prize is a free steem account with a sweet name! They could keep it or give it away to a person they onboard!

This contest is designed to assist in @theycallmedan's #posh grassroots marketing campaign along with other initiatives that are promoting STEEM DAPPs to the mainstream internet user! Thank you for your interest and thoughtful comment.

I saw this on #PYPT today or PYPT! have a nice day @sgt-dan . Greetings from Argentina.


Are you going to enter the contest?


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Keep up the great work!


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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!



Resteem para que llegue a muchos @sgt-dan


Bueno! Gracias!



Note: Sharing of links does not mean I promote users linked here. Just means I appreciate their support!

@papa-pepper: gets it! Thank you @papa-pepper! You are contributing to the amount of delegation for our @redfish. Sarge don't power down! Have not powered down since joining STEEM back in 2017.

Much thanks for your support sir! G-D bless you and yours!


Hello @sgt-dan, Sorry for my late update and thank you for the contest, here is my entry: