Red-Pilled Tide Turned Black

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The inevitable defeat of the "elite" or the end of civilization as we know it?

Red-Pilled Tide Turned Black

When staying asleep will no longer be an option

There is a growing sense of unease as the central planner's carefully crafted illusion of stability, prosperity and security continues to crumble worldwide. This unease isn't just among the populace, but among the central planners themselves. And they, those who have been in control and believe themselves to still be in control, undoubtedly have the most to lose and thus the most to fear.

The financial and social engineering that has steered and maintained the entire corrupt edifice of global civilization for centuries is being unmasked by the information revolution that is the internet and the disobedient truth-telling media. This is the reason we see the current radical and ruthless escalation on the part of the plutocrats to censor the internet and silence the alternative media.

For the "elites", humanity cannot be allowed to awake from its slumbering euphoria, from its erroneous belief the world is benevolent. Woe unto them should most awake to the fact that humanity has been brutally and inhumanely subjugated, oppressed and suppressed by a small cabal of soulless, heartless and merciless men masquerading as their benefactors, saviors and statesmen.

But the critical mass of awakened has been reached, the giant stirs. The "elite" can no longer save themselves short of absolute capitulation, which in their psychopathic arrogance they may never do and perhaps would never even consider. The turmoil we see now on the world stage is the thrashing of a venomous serpent that has realized only too late it is about to be skinned alive.

What has led me to this view? The social and financial engineering of the "elites" has effectively kneecapped any chance for a critical mass of the population to make an honest living (prosperity), establish a family (fulfillment) or even express their justifiable discontent. In short, the "elites", in creating their controlled society, have taken away much of what makes a society work.

And that was their critical mistake. They took too much, they left too little. For those drowning in debt, looking forward to dying in poverty, lacking a decent job, a family, a voice and a belief in justice - what do they have left to live for? Better yet, what do they have left to lose? Unlike those who have reaped the world and made it theirs, nothing. And now they know why and now they know who.

Sound too bleak? Think it doesn't accurately reflect the mindset of the masses? Think again. Cultural Marxism has replaced unifying belief sets with identity politics and alienated the sexes from each other. The family has been all but destroyed. The monetary and financial system has been weaponized. The political establishment is corrupt to the core. The world is run by evil men.

Anyone disagree?

All that has been left to the little man is a digital distraction that tracks and sterilizes him in equal measure. It does however have one unintended consequence - it has placed a library that catalogues all the sins of the world at his fingertips. And when he feels the emptiness of his engineered obsolescence looming, and he can't escape it, he will go online and ask where it all went wrong.

From the oblivious and comforting narrative of a blue-pilled world to the red pill reality of who is really pulling the strings is a difficult enough journey in itself. For those of us that have something to live for, it inspires us to resist, creatively, benignly, productively. We hope for change. But for those with nothing left, with no hope, that red pill becomes something darker, it becomes the black pill.

With nothing to live for, nothing to lose and concrete knowledge of those responsible for the mechanisms of oppression that have stopped them from achieving anything meaningful, stable or secure, what is left but the desire for justice? There is nothing left but to fight the system tooth and nail, dismantle it brick-by-brick and hold those who built it and enslaved humanity accountable.

Accountable for the robbed wealth of nations. Accountable for the ill who died who could have been saved. Accountable for the murder of countless millions. Accountable for calculated genocidal famines. Accountable for their greed, their indifference, their cruelty, their hubris, their disdain and their madness. For a litany of crimes against humanity going back centuries that knows no end.

The problem is this however: the black-pilled have no faith in the legal or justice system. Who can blame them? It has become obvious there is a two-tiered justice system where the rich are never held accountable and the poor are put into the prison-industrial complex to work as slave labor for the enrichment of a system that has betrayed them. Black-pilled justice is thus vigilante justice.

As I see it, at this point, we have to hope and pray that the movement known as Qanon is real, as it is the last gasp of the red-pilled before the tide turns black. If the red-pilled justice that is held out like a carrot by Qanon is a double-cross, I predict the violent tide of a new revolutionary war is unstoppable and the opening shots will be black-pilled execution squads gunning for the "elite". The backlash may well be global annihilation.

Targeted will not be the "elite's" industrialist, politician or spiritual leader pawns, but the real "elite" who fund them and pull their strings: the ancient bloodlines, the banksters and their double-blind concentric-circle secret societies. No informed person believes anymore that the puppets on the stage of public life are the real power brokers - the internet has passed out too many red pills.

And in closing, a red pill for the "elite": There is no snatching victory from the jaws of defeat anymore, you overplayed your hand. Too many know who you are and what you have done. Demand amnesty. Peacefully dismantle the debt and death paradigm. Stop the social engineering. Declare a debt jubilee. Release suppressed technologies. Save yourselves and spare the world.

Quit while you still can.


Shot with a golden arrow,

Cupid Zero
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When has any elite class in a sociocultural hierarchy voluntarily surrendered power? Power acquisition can be accomplished either by joining the aristocracy, if possible, or violently overthrowing the established sociocultural matrix. The only distinction between a "hero" and an outlaw is the degree of success. The issue with the latter type of power transition as outlined above is the inevitable chaos inflicted upon humanity. That the blood of the political elite will be spilt in liters is not a tragedy, but the misery inflicted upon the common man, with little to no interest in the power games, is injustice.


I agree with your sentiment. To my knowledge, no elite class as a whole has ever voluntarily surrendered power, though individuals have stepped down to save their necks. It is fanciful to hope that might change, I know, but I believe a great deal of unrest and violence could be avoided if just a few people would step up, or down, as the case may be. I admit to wishing to spare the common man as much suffering as possible at the hands of the kleptocratic kakistocrats. While I don't harbor any illusions about the moral integrity of the "elite" class as a whole, I do hope (likely vainly) there is just one decent human being among them who could actually make a positive difference.

So well written...

I wonder if you've read "The American Jubilee- A National Nightmare is Closer than You Think", by Porter Stansberry? Porter is the founder of Stansberry Research, the largest independent financial newsletter businesses in the world.

He's been writing and discussing exactly your position and expects an uprising will force a debt clearing by our government.

I also subscribe to an incredible Editor's work at Palm Beach Research. They have over 370k subscribers. Teeka Tiwari recently wrote a short 82 page ebook called "The Coming Second Civil War". Although a completely different premise, he is deathly afraid of the coming collapse of the US dollar caused by far left radical states; 12 in all. They are changing state laws for the past year to allow them to gut the dollar as their nuclear option against losing their way since the election of Trump . I shouldn't say more, since it's part of my subscription. However, both lead to a conclusion that the US collapse is emanate. Scary stuff.

Debt, elite control, including their take over of the MSM and the radicalization of our country. The pot is simmering. The lid is about to blow...


I haven't read either of those works, but the jubilee concept is one that I am familiar with. The bankster cartel would be well advised to do exactly that, but instead it looks like they believe they can do a currency reset and introduce a new, likely cashless, fiat currency. I have read a few interesting speculative pieces about the bankster class using a cryptocurrency to sink the quantitative easing into as well, thus restoring the purchasing power of the dollar, but find that concept rather dubious. I will take a look at the texts you recommended, thanks for the tips!

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Excellent analysis!!!


Thanks, glad you liked it. Let's hope someone is listening (reading). Cheers!