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~ I replaced my WordPress Link With Steemit.Com!
Refereum Reddit Campaign: New To Refereum? Cool Creative Facebook Refereum Chat ft. BlackHalo Community Group!
I am xBlackHalo aka ChaseMorePlz. I have accounts on multiple social media accounts that are all pegged together somehow. Blockchain Halo is one of them on Facebook that will join others into a group of streamers who support each other to grow on Twitch.TV
Honestly a very just a Twitch streamer that has been playing League of Legends (6+years) for so long that it became an investment and feel I have found a place. I stream on https://twitch.tv/xblackhalo; Including Blockchain, Gaming, & Youtube.com/xblackhalo - If you're interested in reading my 2 page pdf, Sign Up for steemit ASAP by joining my Facebook. I will link you: https:.cwww.facebook.com/BlockchainHalo/
Read my post for details below:

Honored to be accepted so positively into the community. I have made an effort to ditch blockchainhalo.wordpress.com and no longer update this site. It's expensive. You have to pay for monthly to use plugins.. As you can see I do pretty good on Steemit thanks to you all. You can earn pretty well on Steemit as well with some ETH. You have to actually get into crypto if it is not donated to you. Crypto, on the blockchain is a gift a True reward. 🌑 I am Switching to Steemit as a Blog site permanently for BlackHalo including using Refereum.com with my Facebook page. Since $rfr is up 20% today, I am proud to be a non-affiliated @RefereumHub promoter, just a user. We will @ Them on Twitch WHEN THE CHASEMOREPLZ ARMY IS STRONGER!! Like back in the day with Dawn Of The Zombe Noobs. (Link https://twitch.tv/xblackhalo) ahem. anyways. (praying , well not really praying for but you guys get what I mean to set the tone I get blessed to be partnered) https://refereum.com/games/teamfight-tactics?refer=1473213

Live Content is the Future.
I always perform whenever I game, edit, or make things happen.
Watch live video from xBlackHalo on www.twitch.tv/xblackhalo
Earn Free Cryptocurrency with the blog navigation tab on the far right and Watch me LIVE TWITCH.TV-

I have plans to integrate communities in all of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram! Join the Halo today!

Combining Gaming & Crypto is a very underrated shift to support creators.. Blockchain Halo has come to help Black Halo in his efforts to gain valuable content while gaming ever since since 2010. It is my job to help spread awareness of this moment. Or movement. Or Whatever GAMES I like such as zOMG!!
Interested in joining me on the Blockchain? Install Brave Browser & sign up for Twitch. If Brave incorporates more functionality with its plugins, then integrating with it would indicate which other crypto projects are worthwhile, this is one of the best the platform has to offer for now.
I have played a lot of League of Legends since 2013, and I have to say they are the Best MMOs on the net that require time to play and watch. I stream for about 4 hours at a time, which is time to ask questions, hang out and earn!

I have found something emerging that allows me to benefit you when you want to earn money on the go! This blockchain experience is more of an eye-opening experience that I would like to share with others. Currently I let people know of my investment ideas and educate on how to game! Ask me any questions such as How to earn cryptocurrency while watching my stream HERE @xblackhalo. If you’re interested 😀

Live more often soon LOL Schedule releases on June 1st.

Subscribe To My YouTube, Send Me A Message On Facebook to join and I we will work on Subscribe Buttons for Twitch!! ❤ Content Portal, Community Hub & Bitcoin Related Gaming! Check it out; JOIN HALO.

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