Dense reading- Mental Violation

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Hello friends, for this opportunity I want to talk to you about some of the most problems suffered by young people when making a reading.


It happens that in our schools young people are delegated a list of readings that is often very difficult for them to read and understand, since the individual is placed in deep waters, in which more drowned people are obtained than the titanic one.


Personally I consider that to force a person in any way is considered a violation, because we are literally forcing him to do something that he does not enjoy, that does not please him and goes against his will.

From my experience, I can say that I had many problems in this aspect because there are works that are not of my interest and already after spending the first 10 pages I understood that I had to force myself three times to achieve the goal of concluding the book.

There were many headaches, backaches, insomnia, worry and many hours dedicated to disgust at the causes of readings loaded with terms that I had read in my life, not to mention those old themes that at my young age I could understand.


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I wondered in what moment I stopped choosing what I wanted to read, what I wanted to know, when I stopped enjoying a book to be vilely intimidated by the density of writers with a broad lexicon and world.


an old memory

I still remember those sections in the local newspaper of my hometown Cumaná, Estado Sucre-Venezuela. This newspaper was called "the region" and had something very peculiar, because all the inhabitants assumed the need to read it from back to front. This is because the section of events was always in the last pages, even the newspaper adopted a kind of cover at the other end for that reason reading.


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Like all the people in my city, I enjoyed reading those articles where they narrated the events that occurred daily in the city. Being only a girl, these readings really put my senses to the surface, my imagination was a roller coaster because those articles I found so pleasant, it was like reading a horror story.

Although it was only a newspaper article, and not a novel by García Márquez, it was my decision to read it and enjoy it, as well as countless stories read and reread, long and short were the most incredible moments I could experience in my childhood. I definitely enjoyed reading.

fewer readers are created

Because of these practices where young people are forced to do readings that are not of interest, and surpass their knowledge, or in such a case, that does not go with their age, we are mutilating the pleasure of enjoying a good story. As well as attacks the stimulation of our brain through imagination

We are creating anti-readers, for which books are a boring way to waste time.

My recomendation

As a victim, I can recommend that we give an opportunity to books, that we seek reconciliation to give life to our imagination.

You can start with short readings of topics that are of interest to you. And depending on your disposition you can continue to explore until you find love for the letters. You may discover that your mind is much more active than you could imagine.



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Reading is a pleasure, not an obligation


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