The Great Expanse.

2년 전

The match was struck like a beautiful sparkler,
It glistened brightly against the darkest indigo of the night.
As I sat coming undone like the delicate shoes of a ballerina,
Unfurling like silk in the wind.
Picturesque is my mind with these portraits of times we shared,
Yet here I sit, prolonging my shelf life.
Conversations they surround yet stay meaningless,
Phonetics practice their tone within passers by.
So many opportunities carving out a map within,
And so it is that universes reside.
Like pantomimes running through my head,
So much goes left unsaid.
So much time and space unexplored,
But instead we close this book, leave it festering in an inferno.
And so the fire rages on.

burnt book.jpg


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Well well, one of my biggest fans here :p ... you're in the autovoters too now, i adjusted some, seems only fair and besides ..

uh ... server crash ??!? i think Drill doesn't want me talking , it can get jealous sometimes ... or maybe because i filter the voters b/c im over 63 posts in line which means i can't get to all of them so those with most in it get trimmed a bit, so everyone gets some, and #offtopic euhm

yea :

Yet here I sit, prolonging my shelf life. :) <3

and the outer calm hides the hellfire within ... i know someone who might somewhat be able to relate ... like a ghost in the middle of a crowd alone and all you hear is "bla" :p

thanks for all the support !!!!!

i sometimes breathe verbal ballistics while sleeping but "bleeding potential" seems a bit unhealthy dearie :p , only people with no stories to tell need to repaint reality, pain doesn't come out of the nothing, it always has a story with it

and again, THANKS for all the support ... hope to maybe see you as a player when i finally get the game live in 2050 when the planet is dried out and we are shooting homeless passing by for meat because stake became too expensive


Thanks, I really appreciate your thoughts.
Verbal Ballistics, that's hilarious, I love it 😆
I haven't posted anything for awhile, because I'm feeling creatively dead and I've also been very busy offline with band performances and going to the gym. I try to post when I can 😃


Well ... (i think i got that expression from a song somewhere, everything in life is remix as we are a product of environment and past experiences, with, hopefully , a bit of soul as a catalyst to make it into "us" (or the 'me') instead of just another box-rolled-down-the-chaingang prefab template with an iThing skin wrapped up around to give it a fake sense of ID)
It's hard to wear your own face at all times but not everyone can just put on that fake one on demand.
Why apologize. Creativity is not "a product", you cannot creativity from nine to five, as some boss-men and -women would like you to. It doesn't work like that. Unless you get the spark and the flow, which basically comes by itself

i used to "knit samples" (among other things) almost daily and never really plan or compose ...

but it stopped at some time ...

and if i try to "try" then what comes out i feel is utter crud lol, "trying" doesn't work if it's not already there, and if it's there it's pushing to get out ...

right ?

The music's coming through me ... as the dude says ... but its all a mental flatline now, i got a few up on @rudyardcatling and i had a lot on choon which i actually never bothered putting online as its not pop and i'm not interested in spotlights and center stages (but i do <3 money :p) but that wanker from Manchester kicked me off for some reason and my 360.000 notes are gone

and then this and that lol, and my RC omg ... so i'll see when you post, thanks for all the support for @goldmanmorgan again (i probablly won't respond to actifit cards heheh ... i'm lost for words there but no judgment ..)


I'm not altogether bothered by Actifit posts.
I just do that when I go to the gym on Monday, so they're not a daily task, due to the apps insensitivity to motion and my laziness to dedicate myself to posting excersise wise.
I work pretty hard at least 4x a week, and if I posted all the excersises I did, I'd be writing for hours.


Hahah, i installed that thing once too, i found myself sitting here swinging my phone around lol ... i removed it after a while. Hardly a day goes by i get nothing to post or say really and i'm keeping busy but i probably should work out a little too ... those kilos that disappeared by themselves seem to stick around a lot more now ...
I don't mind whatever people post, really, but i'm sure no one posting actifit is actually expecting a $10 upvote heh. I personally think bulk is needed, i said it several times this and last week :
Twitter sold like hotcakes, despite the fact that they hadn't made a cent in actual profit up til then, on the day they went public. And they did that on sheer numbers ... not quality. I mean there's ignore buttons, right ? And no one's forcing anyone to read anything. The system allows certain things and that will be used. Putting a prize-koi in a pond of sharks and then expecting the police to patrol because it gets eaten is, well .. no comment ... It's probably the only social network where i'm still active, barring some commenting on slashdot and torrentfreak. It just has so many angles , the programming part too for me, it's the coolest toy around atm but a bit more reward would be nice (if not to say r.o.i. to use a word people in suits like)
diversity is the spice of life
i got on my rudyardcatling original stating "all kinds of me" and its not always nice either heh heh, i think i'm using all the wrong words to get myself sold but then again

am i a product to be sold or am i actually just all kinds of me, gods know there's plenty of people in my head to debate that with but

all of them are part of me (o woops im burning rc again here ...mmh well, i'll see you around, dearie, don't push yourself too hard, one torn muscle lasts a long time)

must be the witching hour, o how nice i am right now