Enjoying an Ice Cold Red Stripe with my Friend, Dwayne 🇯🇲🍻

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It doesn’t get any better- sipping an ice cold Red Stripe with a friend you met while on vacation and listening to some live reggae tunes. I can’t quite remember where we were this night on the 7-mile beach, but I remember it was around the corner from Dwayne’s place at Roots Bamboo.

He rented a room there for a decent price. I met Dwayne the first day in Negril that year (2014). He’s been a friend ever since. He treated me like family, and looked after me like I was a bredda. Whenever I was with Dwayne and someone would try to heckle me, he would start speaking in patois and they would immediately stop what they were saying. I didn’t know what he said during the exchanges, but whatever it was - it generally worked.

We would chill, workout, swim and go out on the glass bottom boat. He hooked us up with a price that was the ”family rate.” The other tourists didn’t need to know. He would show me around and take me to places where locals would hang. I felt as though I was one of the breddaz whenever I was with Dwayne.

He offered to take me to the “country” where his family was. It was a far journey away from Negril, so this never happened, but the fact that he extended the offer speaks volumes about Dwayne. A real down to earth human as many Jamaicans are — he was one I will never forget.

Always Respect,

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really happy you have friends who defend you like that, especially we are in a country of people who are certainly very different from your own country

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Dwayne was always there to help a Bredda out. Never have felt threatened in Jamaica. Only issues of people coming up to me for money at times. They are respectful however and always, always show respect regardless of whether or not I am able to help them out... I wish I could help everybody, but this is not possible.

Thanks brother

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One of my all time favorites !

Cheers 🍻

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