Negril, Jamaica, Feature Photo #20


Meet Captain Kirk

He’s one cool dude, owner and operator of the glass bottom boat, appropriately named – The Star Ship Enterprise. His name was very apropos to his well named and suited vessel similar as to the famous movie series, Star Trek.

Walking the 7-mile, you’d see him traversing the area where the tourists were most densely populated. Density equals more customers; more customers means more money. His boat was relatively new, colorful, and the glass for viewing was clean and clear. There was no algae to be seen. Captain Kirk had his guys dive into the Caribbean and routinely clean off the glass for the customer’s viewing purposes.

Jamacia August 2007 014.jpg
Captain Kirk and Conrad

Plus, he was very personable, to the point he should have been a salesman. He has that magnetic face with a big smile, which just drew people in. So, we worked out a deal. Out to the reefs we went. Just as customers that day, me and the kiddo.

Snorkeling the reefs of the beautiful Caribbean. As usual in Jamaica, a fantastic day in paradise as the weather for snorkeling was to die for - water crystal clear. Conrad ended up getting stung by a small jellyfish while snorkeling the reefs. We had to head back to shore where a Jamaican man treated his pain by rubbing some natural aloe on the stung area. Ouch - perils of the sea.

Jamacia August 2007 017.jpg
Beware Snorkelers - Jellyfish filled waters!

Captain Kirk was all about his customers, cutting the snorkel expedition slightly short to head back to shore to attend to Conrad's leg

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Ouch, that one really hurt

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Really hope there is some colour in the reefs down there.

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Unfortunate that the reefs, like most everywhere else, are dying out from environmental and ecological issues. Nothing like they used to be

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Went to Roatan, Honduras and they were unbelievable 100 feet out from the beach. It's usually the tourists, Chemicals from resorts and anchors that destroy them, also acidification from increased CO2 levels but Jamaica can't be that different. Maybe I need to do SCUBA.

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If you’ve ever explored elsewhere
Then I wouldn’t get
the hopes too high
I come to Negril for the vibes and
Hope you enjoy your time. Maybe dp knows of a secret snorkel getaway that we don’t


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Lol even when Connor is stung by jelly fish, the cam stays shooting.

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Haha I said grit your teeth
It can’t hurt that bad
He he he
As I sat up on the boat 😆

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lovely picture friend ..

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Thank you mariluna
Always nice hearing from


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