Today is the Day - STEEM and JAHM Power Up Day (SPUD & JPUD)


I have some JAHM to power up in order to participate in today's festivities for JPUD. The JAHM I will be powering up is strictly from earnings through posts, comments, and curation efforts from continual support which I pride myself on. Voting and curating quality reggaesteem content will keep people posting and encouraging them to continue putting out high quality stuff. That's what it is about.

Screenshot 11.png

Taking a look at my JAHM wallet, it looks like I have just over 1,800 JAHM to add to my current stake of 14,052 JAHM. I have only bought a few hundred JAHM since I began my journey here on reggaesteem. I'd say about 98% percent of my earnings have come from simply being active, posting, commenting and engaging within the community. I try to pride myself on all aspects of what this thing is about, including posting high quality content centered around my times to Negril.

Screenshot 9.png

My JPUD participation today is not quite as impressive as @crypticat's 51,000, but some JAHM powered up is better than no JAHM powered up. 'Cat's' original post detailing JPUD and SPUD 007 indicated a 1,000 JAHM stake and simply hodling at least 100 SP in your account would allow you to qualify for today's festivities.

This post serves as my humble contribution to the action taking place here on November 1, 2019. A lot of people have posted about powering up both JAHM and STEEM. It's great to see, and I'm glad I was able to take part in this wonderful celebration.

Happy JPUD and SPUD - let's keep JAHMING


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That's a teriffic power up mate. I'm like the cat, took the easy way to position myself. Your posts are top quality, some of the most interesting on the entire STEEM chain, not just Reggaesteem.

Also, Big props to @crypticat, that is a hugely generous delegation. Big Respect.


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Thanks, mate.
I’ve seen you buying buying buying and the price pumping as a result. I guess this is good for JAHM and Reggaesteem, especially if you are a long-term investor here. Keep up the good work and curation. The community seems to be responding.

Appreciate the kind words, JK.
Very very grateful for the generous delegation as well 🙏🏽

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Nice JPUD man, every mikkle mek a mukkle, you really are putting in the time and effort here on ReggaeSteem. Keep JAHMIN bredda. Bless.

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Appreciate it dmilliz. Every little bit counts.

Forward looking to working with you

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Way to take advantage of JPUD the old fashioned way. The hard work will pay off for sure. Keep posting and curating high quality, pure reggaesteem posts to keep the JAHM in the hands of dedicated reggaesteemians.

Keep stacking and staking. Big ups on the solid delegation from the team


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Thanks my boy. Will keep the nose to the grindstone

We be jahming 😎💯

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Interesting your Negril publications, I've been reviewing them.
Good thing you can share them across this tribe.
Well, the important thing I think in principle is not the amount, but this for sure will gradually increase. I will sign up for next month, I know it will be even greater what I can put in stake. I'm in favor of that.
We will continue reading @super-irie

Nice power-up, at this rate, you'll have a stake in no time "Ambassador."

I bought most of my JAHM, the easy way.

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If I was smart I should have
purchased low. Keep asking
‘B’ to check bid/ask and it goes
UP almost daily. Guess will have
to stay old school. Work hard,
earn, and save. Goal minimum
💯 K....just like @jk6276
That is unless get lucky and
someone stakes me.
What do you think?


Enjoy you're delegation ;)

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Thank you, ‘Cat’

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@super-irie, No matter how much, but Intention matters and your Intention towards all initiatives of this Ecosystem is very empowering one. Stay blessed brother.

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