Digibyte Jamaica Interview — 12/9/2018 #Throwback

3개월 전

Moments ago we were brainstorming a JAHM/STEEM powered resort in the ReggaeSteem Discord ambassador channel. Amazes me how many past ideas and @beachfrontcrypto initiatives are coming to fruition since focusing our efforts on the Steem blockchain.

The path to #MassAdoption requires persistence.

Streamed from my old office at Seastar Inn, you can get an idea of what we were up to while spearheading local Digibyte Awareness. I get nostalgic watching— my old mining rigs are in the background.

Hopefully we can get Cryptomentor99 on Steem, he’s a shoe in for 3speak.

Follow CM99 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoMentor99

Jah Bless,

#OneLove #OneSteem

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Miyard's on a role

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@miyard stole the show like a boss!

... I’m always stuttering tho

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