The Mind-Love Relationship

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Some of the major characteristics of the Mind-Love Relationship are: Trust Mentality, Feeling Better and losing weight, relationships that last, interpersonal relations, pleasing people with simple thoughts, creation of blessings, relationships with angels and God, eliminating ailments, happiness and good health. The Mind-Love Relationship is the relationship between two or more people that are considered as the initiator of what is considered as Spirituality. This relationship is one of the main components of any loving relationship.

The first characteristic of the Mind-Love Relationship is a trust mentality. This trust is carried from one person to another. The important factor to bear in mind when starting out the Mind-Love Relationship is that the people involved must know that the relationship is not based on this mind set but on Spirituality. To trust one's mind in a loving relationship is the beginning of a fulfilling existence.

People who choose to remain in the reality of this material world do so because they want to be assured of a complete mind and soul experience. There are people who just want to be free of the conditions that they believe are affecting their Spirituality. They want to remain in the present reality of their life in order to enjoy a fulfilling life. These people do not need to have to think about what they would be in the future or the past.

There are many different types of relationships require different types of thoughts. For example, the relationship between an Angel and a human being can be created with the person needing to feel better, and the Angel simply having to "hear" the message from the human being that he or she is not feeling well. A relationship can also be created with someone who needs to be pleased or desired. For example, if someone wants to stop a bad habit they will be reminded by the angel to "stop your bad habit".

In a relationship the relationship will begin with the person involved, believing that it is based on Spirituality. The mind-love relationship is based on knowing that the person who you are with is actually in a relationship with the love of the Universe. This idea, that you and the other person are in a relationship with the love of the Universe is what will guide the thoughts that you give.

In the mind-love relationship, everything that is not in harmony with the Love of the Universe is created through thoughts. It is important to keep in mind that the fact that you allow thoughts to influence you with your behavior is a fact that will harm your relationship. If you let the negative thoughts influence you, it will show in your behaviors. This is why it is vital to notice the type of thoughts that you allow into your mind.

The fact that you choose to allow thoughts that are not in harmony with the Love of the Universe into your mind will not only affect your soul experience, but it will also create a harmful relationship. When this happens, the information that you give will only be beneficial to those that are creating the negative information.

The mind-love relationship is based on a Trust Mentality. Everything that is not in harmony with the Love of the Universe will come from the thoughts that you allow into your mind. If you allow negative thoughts to be used to create negative situations for you then you will begin to bring about a negative relationship with others.

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