Keeping your relationship strong (5 tips)

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As I've continued to grow and develop as a man ,I have learned a few things about true love and how skewed my perception of what it meant used to be.
I am fortune enough to be surrounded by so many imperfect relationships,and this allow me to gather a few secrets or a useful tips that no one would dare tell you.
(1) Love is not a feeling :it is a choice
I used to believe that when I found my perfect love, this would suddenly make everything else in my life perfect also.
This is not the case because being in love doesn't mean you will not have a days when you feel as though the world is ending and your life is over. That you are in love does not mean you won't have a time when you will be moody, grouchy, analytical of every detail and even question aspect of your relationship which marks the a giant red flag.
Therefore, choosing to love someone in spite of these fleeting feelings is a constant, conscious, daily decision.

(2) Lust fades, love stays
Lust is present at the beginning of nearly all relationships, as it is what attracts you to someone in the first place.
Lust, chemistry and primal attraction are wonderful feelings but they are just that feeling and tend to fades away as time goes on. Love remains long after the clock strikes midnight and the magic fades away.
Love is the ability to see beyond the shell in which someone is contained, and love them for who they were.

(3) You are not in your friends relationship
It is the nature of human beings to seek advice or consolation from the loved ones when facing both highs and lows, but it's imperative remember that your relationship is not the same as any of relationship around you.
Therefore, instead of taking the wrong advice from the people who you think they have perfect relationship but not, it's better you follow your heart, but take your head with you too.

(4) love needs to be watered in order to grow
Just as much as loving someone is a choice, relationship must be watered and nurtured in order to grow into their purest, fullest and happiest form.
While it's important to continue to grow and develop individually, it's just as important to grow together and strengthen the bonds that brought you together I in the first place. Remember the grass is greener where you water it, and love grows to the fullest when you watered on daily basis.
(5) Your life is not a movie
Movies, social media,online articles and Hollywood dramas set a precedence that does not align with reality in any sense.
When we encountered struggles or hardships, it's almost human nature to think of the ulra-romantic way our significant other should handle it. Your relationship may not make a very good screenplay, but life itself has enough ups and downs and sometimes a relationship is best when served on solid ground.
Allow your relationship to grow and develop without expectations set by others. Keep in mind that even the most romantic and sexy movies end In 90 minutes or less. Your relationship has the potential to be a lifetime of sweet moment dipped in a heavy dose of reality.
Let yourself give love, let yourself be loved.

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Impressive and inspiring. I love this.👏💖💕💞