A Relationship Takes Caution. Contributed by @Olawalium

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A relationship takes caution and extra care. Many people are with various views based on years of experiences and their exposure. Each partner wants to stake their claims and be in control of things. Sometimes this tussle for relevance and recognition causes a lot of issues.

Some guys want to exercise their "rights" as a man and enforce some things on the ladies because they feel they should be in control and they want their ego to be intact. Some actually want the lady to be subjected to them, and this is not how a relationship should be.

The moment you have to exert yourself through forceful dealings, you have lost that liberty of being called a man. A lion is a lion, you wouldn’t still want to move near him whether he roars or not. You should be a man without having to make your partner live in fear or make her feel inferior.

Some ladies love everything to be rosy. It is a good desire. Men think in numbers sometimes but ladies thinks mostly in emotions hahaha. They want all the mushy, mushy dealings. A man needs to think about making his life and that of his partner better. They want attention all the time. It is a good thing but in reality, things happen that might not make that happen all the time.

Some ladies are bossy, some are so gentle, some are so open to express themselves while some will bottle it all in. Maybe this is due to the fact that they feel their partner won’t allow them to express themselves, so they try to avoid issues.


This is not to justify both sides, that was why I highlighted the shortcomings of both. The truth is, we have different background and exposures. We have different ways by which we desire to be loved, so if you don’t know how your partner deserved to be loved, simply ask and be intentional about it. Both parties should find a common ground; a level ground amidst these show of attention and desires and do it deliberately. A relationship takes caution and it requires constant watering.

Seeking balance is everything. You have to balance your emotions, you have to balance your life and your life involves those things that are so dear to you. When you have children, you can’t love your children too much that you ignore your wife or your husband. Little cracks can sink a strong relationship. Those cracks might not be too visible, but it determines a whole lot, as it brings about a disconnect, and once that happens, that relationship is already nose-diving.


Take care of the little stuff, be sensitive, be considerate, be loving, be understanding, and be gentle. A relationship is not only about you, so don’t be selfish. Think about the other person too, and it will help our choices better. Take decisions together, it helps and gives you the stuff to talk about and it strengthens the bond.

A relationship takes caution, do all you can with the other person in mind. There is a thin line between love and hate. Be considerate. Love can die​ if you don’t water it continuously.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn’t bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love’s chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor’s order.

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We tend to be enamored with instant bonding, both in friendships and romantic relationships. We tend to believe that becoming “close” to someone quickly is a good sign: of deep compatibilities; love at first sight; or being kindred spirits. Whirlwind romances are exciting and sweep us off our feet. And, in the internet revolution that created an explosion of online dating, clicking with new partners is only a few taps of the keyboard away.
Unfortunately, instant compatibilities rarely turn out to be as promising as they initially seem. More frequently, they fade away and sometimes they are signs of danger. There are two main reasons why this happens: one from your perspective, the second from the point of view of the new person you encounter.
This is why the best thing to do is to proceed slowly in new relationships, with CAUTION. While it’s very easy to get excited by what looks like instant compatibility, keep a cool head, observe the new person’s behavior, and be attuned not only to the qualities you (desire to) see in him or her but also to inconsistencies, signs of deceit and implausible behavior. Dangerous predators are very adept at wearing a “mask of sanity” and appearing ideal; however, they are not good at maintaining it consistently in closer relationships.


Can i just see you right now and give you a hug, brother? This is lit!!!. Spot on, and the icing is this:

Dangerous predators are very adept at wearing a “mask of sanity” and appearing ideal; however, they are not good at maintaining it consistently in closer relationships.

Brilliant. Well done. Thanks for this.

Another epic from Mr love doctor... Lol

This is an handout you have written about relationship..... Smile

If you are not in any relationship yet, take time to read and digest this before you embark on one, it will help you.

If you are already in a relationship, ensure you read this to strengthen your relationship.

Even if you are a relationship divorcee, you can still find strength in this wisdom to help you with your next relationship attempt..

We need to understand the gender differences for us to have a good and solid relationship. Men can never behave like women and women can never act like men.

If we take time to understand this part about our partners, we have overcome more than 50% of the problems faced in relationships.

Every relationship has a potential to work out well, if we can both do the required work.

Thank you @olawalium and @communitycoin


Absolutely, if we both do the required work and put in the effort needed. We need to give as much as we expect. It takes caution and being sensitive.

Thanks as always for your kind words. Gracias Amigo.

Loving someone can not be expressed only through words. It takes action and real action to prove it. Loving someone is one thing. But maintaining love and relationships is another thing.

To make a relationship can continue to survive, there needs to be mutual trust with a partner. Of course this mutual trust is not just spoken through words. Moreover, it is necessary to prove it.

Mutual Trust Needs To Be Built from the Beginning. The foundation for mutual trust must be built as early as possible. Loving someone without trust will only make the heart uncomfortable. Constantly haunted by various kinds of suspicions and uncertain things.

If it is love, it should be able to give a sense of trust. If it is true love, should also be able to maintain the trust given the couple. There is no such thing as suspicion and prejudice. No more shutting up secrets or doing something stealthy. It's great to have a relationship without being haunted by endless worries.

Maintaining Trust Need Business. Is it easy to maintain trust? Is it easy to believe? Well, initially it may be very difficult. It took a lot of effort to get it done. Keeping it clear can not play games. Once the trust is betrayed, thousands of words of apology will be hard to fix all as it once was.


Absolutely. I do tell people that sorry is not an action word, so they shouldn't rely too much on it to fix things for them. To err is human, to forgive is divine, but when the eraser is wearing out before the pencil, then the person should know he or she is over doing it a little.

Actions matter. Words should be backed up by considerable level of action. It's good to enjoy the thrills and all, but sustaining it and being devoted to it is key. Relationship takes caution, and we need to be super sensitive and give our all to it.

Thanks for another beautiful comment. Gracias.

Trust is very vital for relationships
However, we need to find a compatible partner
The two cannot be talkative or the house will never have rest.
Ladies love attention and compliment, once you start something with them and they like it, you shoild continue, do not stop
Well i in person would love a lively and respectful lady, one that understands


Yes, we all desire it, and we should be able to give as much as we expect from our partner. Mutual effort really works. It takes a lot of efforts and caution. Thanks a lot for this.


Yes you are right with that last point!
"Love can die if you don't water it"

Relationship requires time to time check like calls and social nets makes things easier, you ping your spouse even if you can't call, this is very important in relationships cos there are people out there who need him/her and ready to care about her/him more than you can do

Only you will miss him when you need him by your side

Only you would miss her when you let her go


Efforts; that is the real deal. Thanks for this bro.

The Only constant thing in life is change and so its imperative to Learnt to adapt to any form of Change thatt comes up in a relationship. More so each spouse should know that the beforre they met each other; the individually had people in their lives so Mr A's life shouldn't stop because he met Miss/Mrs B and vice versa.

Still Elisedaniels...Love for the Gospel.

All couples should read the book The Five Love Languages. It will help ensure that you are communicating with the love language that your partner understands therefore your efforts will not go unnoticed.


I have heard of this book and read a few from it. Love languages is key. You need to know which one your partner likes. It helps a whole lot in relationship. Thanks a lot for that. I encourage everyone to read it too.

You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer served, Every relationship is transient. That's why I try to make each contact the most fruitful. is my opinion and I know that it is not shareable with all


I agree with you, we need to go to where we are celebrated, not where we are tolerated. Thanks a lot

This is true.Relationship takes caution and time. It is sad that many people throw caution to the wind. They forget sacrifices,being considerate and tender is part of being in a relationship. It is more about the other person than you, while you still be yourself. It is a lot of effort but many people want to have it as easy as they please.We need to love with our heart and our head as we are also sensitive.
This is really good. Thumbsup @communitycoin and @olawalium.


God bless your ways of thinking sir. I totally enjoyed this. Thanks a whole lot for this beautiful comment.

In relationship, it is important to understand our partner. We should know that there is no perfect being, we are to complement for our partner's weaknesses


Very correct. So true. Thanks brother. How have you been?

Love is one thing, taking care of a relationship is another.



yo entiendo esto perfectamente


me alegra que lo hagas. Gracias

Balancing emotion and life is really hard sometimes because you can't always be expected to maintain that balance and thats where fights and arguments come in the relationship, because you are unable to maintain the balance.