ASMR - My DRUG of Choice!

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OK, is it weird that I'm suddenly addicted to ASMR???

I came across it last year when @carrieallen told me about it. I thought it was so weird, and kind of forgot about it.

Then I came across it by accident again the other day. I was looking for a good meditative exercise on lucid dreaming, which I'm prone to do,

And I found this:

Which lead me to this:

It was so intimate, and so soft, and so still, and so compelling, I couldn't move. Like, literally, I was frozen solid with relaxation. It felt like that time when I was a kid and my mom used to tickle my back in church and everything would sort of disappear and blur into the background. Like that, you know?

So...apparently there is a reason for this. These gentle, delicate sounds, combined with the stillness and calmness in poise and expression, triggers something called an Autonomus Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). It creates something of a gentle euphoria, a calmness in the nervous system and the body, and in some cases, even a sexual arousal!

What? Sexual Arousal?! From Sound?

There is an art to it. The mic is so sensitive that the auditory specialist actually goes to great lengths to hold very still and avoid breathing in the mic or making any other sounds, in order to induce only the sounds you are intended to hear. There is a poise and personal restraint involved that gives it the charm. And there are role plays as well, from auditory "kissing" and "licking" sounds, to personal attention kinds of words such as "good job" and "you are doing so well," to long intimate gazing and whispering up close.

Reduces Anxiety, increases capacity for intimacy

It is all designed to simulate the experience of having a person right there with you, doing and saying those tender sensitive things to you, and your body will have a response to it the way it would if you had someone right up close who you trusted.

For some, it is like a feeling of mother, the way a small child might feel around their nurturing mother.

For others, it can be very sexual. It isn't for me, least, I don't think it is???? Maybe it is! AAAAHHHH!

Maybe I'm totally getting turned on by someone ASMR eating a pickle! I don't even know what to think right now. I'm emotionally and physiologically scarred for life all of a sudden.

Eating a Pickle...does this turn you on???

I mean, some of these are obviously very intentionally designed to be sexual, without mistaking it. And some of them are not designed to be sexual, but they may generate a sexual response.

For me, I just like the ones that are relaxing and hypnotic inducing. And I like the ones where they say, "Good job" and "you're doing great."

I don't know what it is, but it's like she really believes that I personally have impressed her so much, that she just had to pull away from script and tell me that I did a good job, and I personally believe it, on an individual scale, like I'm someone special, like a special snowflake. Like it literally feels super personal.

If you or your child has difficulty going to sleep, try putting on the ASMR pickle, or some whispering. And if you want to feel like a special snowflake, give try the "personal affection" kinds! It's like ear porn, really.

I know! It's totally bizarre. There's like dress-up and foreplay on the pickle vid, the whole deal. Let me now what you guys think! LOLZ!!!!

My favorite ASMR compilation of all time and eternity:

As usual


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Don't lie. You know I told you about ASMR. It's muh dirty secret.

Didn't I show you my 'What is ASMR?' post/video way back?

Lemme find that... I bet it's funny.... searching... searching.... searching...

Ah! Here it is... What is ASMR?

Holy shitballs!

Looks like I need to do some more ASMR (pronounced lovingly, maybe, by my hubs: Aszmer). 😎

I still like TingTing the best, as far as ASMRartists go. Though I have been reaching out a bit lately... I tend to prefer FEMALE ASMR and MALE meditations... I'm weird.

Enjoy the tingles!


OMG you totally did!!!!

I forgot about it. That was like last year, and I was freaking out about it. And so last night I was looking up "lucid dreaming" exercises, and found these. And it totally mesmerized me. Now I'm totally into it, for at least this week, but maybe forever.



Now I'm totally into it, for at least this week, but maybe forever.

I feel that. 😎


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Manually curated by @carrieallen.

Lol this made me chuckle. I have had some nice relaxing chill out sessions to asmr hypnosis vids but I never got the sexual thing around it.

tbh, it's super hit and miss for me. Sometimes it makes me feel relaxed and other times it just annoys me. I guess I'm just hard to please 😂🤣😉

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I think it depends on the content. There are various kinds. I like the whispering, and the chewing sounds. Not so much into the kissing and licking and staring and that kind of stuff. I just like the close-up talking.

I started watching the pickle video, and I just started laughing almost right away. That's some crazy stuff right there... :-)


I know. It's pretty hilarious. But after I got over the hilarity, I actually like listening to it. Like fuh-rilz