Islam is in worry


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Islam is a religion full of accusations. various accusations have been made. Islam is terrorism, Islam restricts women's rights, Islam forces others with the sword to convert to their religion, and various other accusations.

In our day and age we see that the media are taking the black sheep of Muslims and portraying this as the behavior of the majority of Muslims. and it is very unfortunate that people who see the news believe it directly without checking the holy book of Islam.

to know the good and bad of a religion, one must examine the Scriptures of that religion. the same is true of Islam. If you want to know about Islam, read the Holy Quran. not measuring the religion by looking at its followers. because followers can make mistakes and not follow the book.

The prohibition against killing in the Qur'an:

Whoever kills a human being, not because that person (kills) another person, or not because he causes damage to the earth, is as if he has killed the whole human being. " (Surah Al-Maidah: 32).

The verse above explains that in Islam killing is a grave sin.

If you measure the religion of its followers, then in terms of terrorism, Christianity should be accused of being a religion of terrorism. because Hitler killed millions of innocent people. and Hitler was Christian. yet Christians never tell their people to kill other people. therefore, to measure the good and bad of a religion, look at the book. not his followers.

we have to agree that every religious community has black sheep in it. there will be bad people in a religion. but it makes no sense to measure a religion by looking at its followers.

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