'Hindus do not exist in India when Muslim rulers force conversion': Professor Sheldon

2년 전

American renowned intellectual and linguist Professor Sheldon Pollock said that there was no Hindu in India if Muslim rulers had converted forcibly. Because, the Muslim rulers ruled India for twelve years. In an interview published on Wednesday in Anandabazar, West Bengal, he made this comment.

Professor Sheldon Pollock of South Asia Studies at the University of Columbia, United States of America, said that he called himself 'Jewish Brahmin'. She is the General Secretary of the Statue of Harvard University of Classical Library India. Pollock came to Jaipur Literary Festival recently. It is said that many people say that after the Islamic invasion, the fall of Sanskrit is that, on the authority of the ruler, everyone is able to learn Urdu, Persian. 'He said,' Bad words. Your new Navadwip or Mithila Sanskrit center of justice was the center of Bengal during the Sultanate period. Varanasi is read by Varanasi to Varanasi scholars. Muslim rulers ruled this country for twelve years. If they converted forcibly, there was no Hindu in this country. If they were not enthusiastic, then Sanskrit would not have survived. There is no profit in the confusion of language with religion. '
If you want to know how India can turn around in Sanskrit and classical literary studies, this scholar of contemporary intellectual history and culture said, "I want freedom, respect to many voices. Sanskrit has not saved the people of any particular color, there is a role in all sections of society. There is no divisive, exquisite, butchery politics, so the barrier of Sanskrit. It is necessary to have fun with all the creative atmosphere of joy. Sanskrit can not be read from the sadness of the defeat, it is necessary to realize the many joy of many levels of joy. '
He said that in the first place, the central institution will be changed in the name of the state Sanskrit resource. Brahmin, Abrahman, Muslim, Dalit, and how many of the Sanskrit in India fall? There are no statistics. Nevertheless, I think, seven and a half million The number can be three million, ten million! How do these seven and seven million students learn, how much or learn? Nothing. Do not blame them, where is the man to teach? As a result, one of the first international standards of Indian Institute of Classical Studies So much IIT, IIM in this country! Everyone is running to read medicine, engineering and management. But there is no center of classical literature? There merit will be practiced, the best people will be studying and doing research. Only second generation of scholars will be created. That's the most important thing.

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