Moderate: the mountain religion bow to man

Myth, heresy, sin, faith.

Mind tour,
I'm committed to unveil eyes from the blindfold of religion
If only you would examine truths
bless your soul and if you don't believe me
I'm humble to enlighten you, just read on.

Myth, heresy, which of this belongs really to where it is categorized into
Now belief is the control key of every humans, the mechanism of our state of mind determining our daily basis reaction towards life, such as our fears, desires, expectations, subsequent behavior and responses towards order humans,

And this seems to be the problem of our human nature, whereby religion came in, with illusory word like Faith , Sin, Paradise,
something existing out of the knowledge or evidential proof of man
changing the mindset of mankind, reducing the nature of existence into an uninhabitable system of view and relentlessly leading us to destruction.

With the word PARADISE one can commit an inhuman or unnatural act yet do away with it using words like FAITH
Just like the word "SIN " has deprived nature of its reality.

Impressively its not misleading to say the word sin does not exist, also like saying sexual urge is a natural phenomenon, in as much as
growth isn't preventable, though not for the gratification of lust but for a truth that whatever is wrong remains wrong not to be titled SIN specifically under religion rather should be called MISCONDUCT for being inappropriate to nature, yet, though
Some of our religion like Islam doesn't see the rape of a lady as a big deal or sin as they called it. Because just ridiculously as they think the believed infallibility deity made male more superior to a lady and are valued more.

With the belief of this sort, resultantly because of the trust in the Inerrant books
One is likely to be carrying whatsoever religious laws in as much as the promised paradise or its antithesis is awaiting him, so the tolerance of unbeliever or order faith isn't acceptable,

This are the reality of religion, the lost and hatred it create and are ignorantly accepted as gain or salvation
until it comes to do with the ability of human knowledge and her cultural development then it bow, fading to the shadow of mediocrity.

A cynic out there may shout out this is deception but with the word, Faith, Sin or Paradise
Which now is heresy or Myth

Definitely religion won't stand the feet of man called Moderation,
It is the mountain everything about deity ends
Have you checked to notice how the little effort of human knowledge on cultural, scientific and social development has dealt terribly to religion?
Today, its out of date and not appropriate to read a Bible or Quran vase like Deuteronomy 13 vs 6-10, because it is totally against the nature of our culture, for its murder and One will be jail for it, though its still being practiced in some Islamic state, but remains temporary for Moderation to liberate the entire race of man.

Until similar vase of this are removed from the religious books thous won't be allowed to stay, and what's the need modifying it when yet it was written, nothing shall be taken out or added to.

Religion is the myth of moderation,
The evidences of its glory lack good amount of testimonies to keep,
The Human nature progress more effectively without the word Faith,

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