Is the Coronavirus a plague like the one sent to Egypt by God?

3개월 전

Perhaps many of us are impressed by all the things that are happening and the next that we have heard that will come, but we must ask ourselves: Are these things sent by God?

The Bible is the most read book in the world since everyone who knows that there is a supernatural force outside of us believes that all things that we do not have a source to think we are from God.

If you are not a believer you think that these things happen because they have to happen and that there is nothing that creates them and that it will happen soon without more or more. On the other hand, for the believer there is something that can appease the wrath of God and his “punishment” not come to you, that would be the prayer.

It is known that when God sent the 7 plagues to Egypt he did it to demonstrate his power over those who were doing the things that are not pleasing to God and to warn them that they should change their attitude. Even the King himself had to agree to free a town so that misfortune would not fall in his family anymore since his only son had died.

God promised not to destroy humanity with water again, as He did with the flood when Moses said He would do it differently but He promised to cleanse the earth of anyone who did not do His will. If we believe in God we must keep his commandments and pray that all this does not affect us or affect our families.

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