Do not look for Fish in the Branches of Trees

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In 1492 Spain expelled all the Jews. Guess who is targeted by Christians according to Romanized dictates of Heresy? Jews, Muslims, and Pagans. Guess who the victims of the Inquisition were and still are? Jews, Muslims, and Pagans. Guess who is demonized and Cursed as Anathema for refusing to say Jesus is God, according to the dictates of Emperor Constantine and the Nicene Creed? Jews, Muslims, and Pagans.

Christianity and the Jesuits believe they are forgiven by the Murder of Jesus/God.

No matter what they do to the Children, Friends, or Enemies. And only they are worthy & will go to Heaven while everyone else is cursed demonic evil & goes to Hell for refusing to accept an Image gave the Name of a Man, Jesus. That the Gospel says is the Mark of the Beast.

How does that lead to Sin less or fewer Victims & Peace on Earth with Goodwill towards all the children of One God? "Thou Shall Not worship any Graven Images."

So if you want to look for who and what is Evil and according to the Jesuit Oath to the Papistry, look to the Jesuits and the CIA. Jesuits swear an Oath to destroy all their enemies. By War, Conquer, Famine, and Death.

Last time I checked the Jews were Bound to the Keeping of the Commandments, something that the Christ said: "If you love God you will keep His Commandments and only those that keep His Commandments love God".

Ask yourself what Christianity does with the Commandments? Who is playing Gatekeeper and traveling to the ends of the Earth to save a man's soul? (All the Pieces must fit, not Salad Bar theology)

All following after the Chief of Sinners, Paul's Example of Can't do what the Disciples did according to the Good words of the Gospel, the living example of the Son of God, the Christ, the will of God made flesh and blood.

But they choose the easy path of the Pagan's, of Baal and Beelzebub, the law of the Shedding of Blood for the Forgiveness of Sins.

Instead of Repentance; Rebuke, Correction, and Reproof of what is given as the Goodwill of God/Yahweh. Love, Obedience, and Mercy obeying the law writing the Commandments on the Heart, and Following the Golden Rule in the Mind with thine Thought.

"Do not look for Fish in the Branches of Trees."

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