Flesh begets flesh and Spirit begets Spirit

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Jesus said/says, "I go to your God and MY GOD, your Father and MY FATHER". So who is the God and Father that Jesus teaches and preaches about and says he loves with all his heart and that Stephen says he saw Jesus standing next to in his vision? As Saul/Paul/Saul is there holding the clothes of those stoning Stephen to death!

Saul declares in his letters to the Churches, "I do what I would not do and I do not do that which I would". Grace Only without Repentance - Discipline?

This is the opposite of that FAITH/BELIEF the size of a Mustard seed. That says you can do what Jesus says; be Good Sons and Daughters/Mothers and Fathers - abide by the laws of man and God (not Criminals), write the Commandments on your Hearts so that you can keep them (not on School/Courthouse walls), and by your thoughts follow the Golden Rule(thine Eye be Single).

Pruning and clipping as needs be, to make the Path Narrow and Straight, the tree grow true and brings forth that good fruit of the Spirit, not the barren fig tree or the tree corrupt with carnal fruit of the flesh.

"Your Body is the Temple of the Spirit and not your true self the I am that God your Father & mine hath created from the beginning before your birth into the flesh that your earthly father bestows.

"Flesh begets flesh and Spirit begets Spirit" -Jesus the Christ.

Sent by the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Father of Fathers, and the God of the Children of God. "Look to the left of the Son of Man to see your Father and Mine (Our Father of Jews and Gentiles), that tells Jesus, his Christ/Messiah (anointed by God) to come and stand at the right hand of the LORD. -Psalms

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