Hey ISLAM! Did you get the MEMO?

4개월 전

Hey ISLAM! Did you not get the MEMO? Thou shall not Kill! The Golden Rule... hint hint nudge nudge.

The same applies to Judaism and Christianity. Hard to have Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all as long as your religious beliefs include Heresy Heathens Heretics and Infidels. Do not judge one another, stop playing God, and stop creating religions that prejudge others based on the Name or Image of God.

Dividing the Flock!

Study the Gospels to show yourselves approved, not the Old Wine and Cloth mixed and added to the New. Nor is the Letter treated greater than the Book. Who knows God Better? The Messiah that says he was sent by and shall return to God or a Prophet or the Chief of sinners that says it's Ok to do unto others as you will?

Having no Discipline or faith in able... I think I can, I believe I can follow after and do as the Good Master in Heaven says. Bring forth the good fruit of the Spirit?

Or claiming forgiveness only... no matter how great the evil & vile done to women and children? That everything the Rulers of this world does is the will of God instead of only that which is good... Corruption leads to more corruption as does war, conquer, famine, and death. The choice to repent or continue down the crooked path is yours to make.

Stop Judging, let those scales fall off, and open your own eyes. Dare to hear the truth and let the wax of false beliefs melt from your ears so that you can see, hear, understand, and perceive the good word spoken only by Yahshua the Christ.

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