Meditating on the Spirit of Our Father... Every House requires support from its foundation

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Intelligence begins with critical thought so did you lose that battle to think your own thoughts. "As ye believe so shall ye be" said JTC To be or not to be good bad or evil children doing your own will without love of others, full of carnal thoughts.
So what is the belief if you first believe only God is Good, what does that make you Parents and your children to be, good bad or evil?
As if Satan saying to demons and devils, I forgive you of all your sins of adultery, killing, stealing, and destroying of all your enemies. You are perfect no matter how corrupt? War, Conquer, Famine, and Death are the Banners of Angels...and Prayer Warriors? Even though the Gospel says, "those that live by the sword shall die by it". But Peace Makers shall be called the Sons of God; how many Sons and Daughters does the Father of Heaven have and did Jesus ever mention Mary as the New Queen of Heaven? Who sits upon the Throne according to the Messiah or the God with 6 Horns, 3 Masters to choose from, 3 Heads on the Shoulders of One? When the Messiah says there is only 1 Head above his own.
Look what happens when Priests and Preachers follow the wisdom of the wise and the Knowledge of the Greek...
"Their natures evil are unable to do good works such as; love of God is found in the worship and praise of a name given to graven images lest you burn in Hell for Eternity? Or does it say do my goodwill and love one another and your neighbor as yourselves laying up their treasures in heaven.
Does that say to your children that you are all born evil and unable to be good. That your Parents cannot be good, bringing forth the good fruit of the Spirit? Which path does the Christ take, the low road or the High Way?
How did the Churches become corrupt in Europe, causing the Pilgrims and the Founders to flee, or do you believe the torture and murder of Jews, Muslims, and Gentiles is what Jesus would do to his enemies?
What does the good word say about love, obedience, and mercy? About loving your friends and your enemies? About following after the Christ, who obeyed the law, lest he be lawless and of a reprobate faith, not keeping the Commandments written on his heart burden light nor with his mind using the Golden Rule as Yoke to guide his thoughts.
Meditating on the Spirit of Our Father... The Messiah Crying out, "Abba, Abba why hast thou forsaken me..." Yahway, who is God when one is the Son, a fellow servant that calls us his brothers and sisters that loves his father with all his heart. Saying, "know this I was sent by your God and my God and I return to your God and my God, Our Father".
\Is the Messiah speaking in tongues, parables, or a foreign language needing interpretation? Does scripture accuse other scriptures of lying or misinterpretation by the blind that do not study or read? Every House requires support from its foundation. What is the foundation of your beliefs in your hearts inside the Temples made of Clay?

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