Shedding the blood of God, praise & worship or following after; seeing hearing understanding & perceiving the truth?

5개월 전

shed blood of Jesus, as if a Ritual Sacrifice has the benefit of stopping people from harming women and children. It does not work to prevent HarM. Grace come after Repentance. Just like a Parent forgiving a child out of Love. God said do not call each other Fathers. You are begotten of flesh and spirit. Having 2 Fathers, flesh beget flesh and spirit beget spirit. The wick and the flame, within the Temple. The wellspring of Joy or overwhelming suffering. Know thyself, will you enter in. Who is it that travels to the ends of the earth to save a man's soul (u r not what you possess). The promise of salvation but instead cause that man to twice the offspring of Satan, who forgives all the Sins of Demons and Devils> Who preaches against the writing of the commandments, saying it is not about Love Obedience and Mercy. Even though the words say God's will is that we love one another. You do not seek to destroy your enemies/neighbors if you love them. Instead of Hatred and fear joy nevermore.

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