Fake versus real Christians

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Real Christians are tolerant and humble in the eye of discontent while forgiving the sins of other people and asking God for the forgiveness of those people.

Fake Christians hate, condemn and judge people whose sins displease them (homosexuals, liberals, and other people who didn't vote for their favorite politician)

Real Christians talk the talk and walk the walk.
Real Christians say, “May God have the mercy to forgive us both for our sins.”

Fake Christians are hypocrites.
Fake Christians say, “Do as Christ did, not as I do”.

Given that...

a) these are the benchmark ideals of the Christian faith for how a real Christian behaves,

b) these are these ideals listed in the bible (the holiest of Christian doctrine) for which you supposedly swear to uphold, and

c) most of you self-proclaimed, so-called Christians fall short, because...

d) most of you are intolerant, never humble, hate, condemn and judge people whose sins displease you...

Most of you self-proclaimed, so-called Christians are fake.

Most of you self-proclaimed, so-called Christians are nothing more than hypocrites who only follow the Christian faith so you can hate on other people who feel superior to those who you judge.

Most of you are Christians in name only. That means most of you are frauds.
'Wolves in sheep clothing.'

Most of you (in this very forum) are in fact the very worst type of people the bible warns against.

And before you try judging me to your false standards, I don't claim to be a Christian.

I don't claim to be something I am not.

I am what I say I am.

I am a sinner.

I believe in being honest about it.

YOU the self-proclaimed, so-called Christian, you are the liar. You are the deceiver.

YOU are the flock which follows the false prophets; those child molesters.

I am a sinner.

YOU the self-proclaimed, so-called Christian which judge others for being sinners while you pretending you're something better.

I am a sinner.

At least one of us is being honest.

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Did you know that Jesus talked a lot more about hell than about heaven? Truly the "christian" religion is in a pitiful state, especially in the west but that's because we've been lulled into this pretense of acceptance and tolerance without the reality of mercy or compassion. A Christian who believes that sin will drive an eternal wedge between you and your Creator and that trusting the life death and resurrection of Christ is the only way to restore that relationship will, out of mercy, out of compassion with your very best interest at heart warn you to turn away from sin and toward Christ for the sake of your eternal soul. But being terrible hypocrites all where could one find such a person?