Malware of the Mind: Former Cult Member Shares His Story and Lessons For Us All



What is a cult? Are 'cults' always bad for people? How can people be so profoundly manipulated that they would do anything, even commit suicide, in the name of an organization?

In Episode VI of The Multiversity, the hosts are joined by special guest John Kelly, a former cult member turned cult expert with nearly 30 years of experience assisting victims of manipulative cults and their families.

Join us for a conversation that is at times deeply personal, philosophical, and even political as we take on the subject of cults, diving into controversies surrounding Jonestown, Osho and the Rajneeshees, Scientology, David Koresh and more. We discuss what personalities might be most drawn to cults, the eight criteria of ideological totalism, non-consensual deprogramming, and how mainstream society may at times resemble a cult.

If you think you or your loved ones may be trapped in a cult, check out the following resources for information and to speak live to someone who can help:

Free Minds Inc

Cult Research

References from today’s episode:

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism

Jonestown: Life and Death of People's Temple

Wild Wild Country

Boston Church of Christ psychological study


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my heart is permanently broken, i just enjoy talking with people, but nobody want to talk with me, not for very long, im a weirdo.


its true.. lol, i think they call us eccentric or some other bullshit, i talk with homeless like they are real people, just because the world cant care for them, i have learned to learn see myself within others, instead of "get a job", cold hearted people are reflecting the soulless.