The Bible and Church Authority

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Catholics and Protestants alike view the Bible as the uncovered expression of God and the essential expert for Christian life and love. All Christians regard the capacity of individual people to peruse and decipher the Bible for themselves, however they do as such in different ways. From one viewpoint, Protestant places of worship have a tendency to take after a focal standard of the sixteenth-century Reformations in relegating outright specialist to singular Christians to decipher the Bible for themselves. Then again, the Catholic church accentuates that individual Christians who are perusing the Bible ought to likewise think about the long convention of chapel elucidation of sacred writing. While thinking about Catholic and Protestant elucidation of the Bible, advance investigation of every one's idea of chapel is required. This segment gives a general record of the religious philosophy behind the diverse Christian places of worship. (For a portrayal of the assortments of religious love and articulation among Christians, see the paper on Religious Practice.)

As a rule, Protestants see church as a gathering of Christian adherents who meet up to revere God and bolster each other in their endeavors to carry on with a Christian life. Sacred text fills in as the last otherworldly specialist of the congregation; it is deciphered independently by every part and in addition all things considered by the gathering. As indicated by Luther's standard of the ministry of all adherents, any individual might be called forward by the group to fill in as its profound pioneer or minister. The minister isn't accepted to have a unique comprehension of the Bible contrasted with the other church individuals. Since they comprehend church as a specific group of devotees, Protestants—particularly outreaching Protestants—tend to peruse and translate the Bible as applicable to their present circumstance with less consideration regarding how it has been deciphered previously.

Some Protestant houses of worship, for example, Lutherans, Methodists, and particularly Episcopalians, continue formally in preparing and doling out their pioneers. In the Episcopalian church, which as noted is religiously a mix of Catholic and Protestant standards, pioneers succeed each other in a formal mold like that of the Catholic church. This "missional progression" is associated religiously back to Peter, one of Jesus' nearest devotees who is currently viewed as the principal priest of Rome (i.e., the pope). In these Protestant holy places, as in the more fervent houses of worship, the accentuation in scriptural elucidation is for the most part on its present significance, not on a custom of past translation. Notwithstanding, they do have a long history of academic scriptural elucidation. A distinction is that when real contradictions over scriptural translation emerge, these divisions will assemble general conferences to talk about them, while less exceptionally sorted out outreaching places of worship are more probable just to part and shape new holy places thusly.

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Catholics don't put scripture above their own traditions. So that's why they have doctrines of the pope being infallible, Mary being prayed to and worshiped as a goddess, confessing your sins to a priest instead of to God, the Lord's Supper being the literal body and blood of Christ, the worship of statues, etc, etc, etc.

Catholics aren't Christians because we're not saved by infant baptism, good works, and obedience to the church rules. We're saved by faith alone in Christ alone guided by the Bible alone. So it should be no surprise that 99% of Catholics are unsaved and spiritually dead.

Jesus said,

(Matthew 7:16-17 NIV) By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? {17} Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

So what should you think of a church with rampant pedophilia and the Vatican with its rampant homosexulity? What about the Vatican bank and it's criminal money laundering? It all points to a completely godless religious system.

Nice post !

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