Life Like Chess Game

2년 전

Life is a game, chess isn't clear. Stones are certain, squares are at least certain, but is it life for people? You get the biggest blow from people you never expected to expect.


Even if we look ahead of us sometimes past our feet, stumbles, then we look again in front of our way to the flow of life. In the past, we should not prevent us from our paths, our goal should always be forward, if our head does not turn to the back we should not look back.

The place of the wrong and the place of the wrong. It used to be wrong now, and now the truth and honesty are strange.

You should be enthusiastic about the relationship, neither can you otherwise. You should not have any grudge or bad feelings about what you have experienced before.

If you think your job will be easy, I would take a look at the confession of the living. If you're ready to fight, there's no problem.

Interrupting the relationship will help you to understand the difference between emotional emptiness. We all have a language of love. Some of us 's words, some of us' s eyes.


What is usually the reason for your separation is considered a temporary situation and try to make a new start is often called.

Some of us are determined by the touch of love language. You will already use your love language. I am sure. The decision is yours.

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