Comment Voting Report for gentlebot for 2017-08-25

4년 전

This is a report of the recent votes of the bot account @gentlebot. This bot's mission is to vote comments and only comments, and you can find more information about it here.

In the past 24 hours, @gentlebot has voted for the following comments:

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@davidrestrepo te estoy siguiendo pero no veo tus post para que podamos intercambiar upvotes


Amigo, es que he estado esperando desde hace más de un mes un computador nuevo, porque el tengo ya no sirve casi para poder editar los posts y demás. Espero cuando empiece aún me sigas, gracias!


aaa dale men no hay problema pero cuando puedas dejame tu facebook para agregarte igual

wow good work dear friend.

Great work.

Thank you @gentlebot for your upvote in the comments. I upvoted and followed you.

impressive work.
gentle bot doing his job gently.

Nice @gentlebot for your upvote in the comments.