Beware: Strange Activity / Abuse - @spbid on radar for abuse

2년 전

This just came to my attention and now I will bring it to yours

Beware of this user @spbid

One day old account that is SUPER-BUSY downvoting ALMOST everything it votes on EXCEPT.... @surajitsteam


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 6.57.01 PM.png

Only upvotes one user's posts: @surajitsteam

One of them has been repeatedly flagging, while upvoting only one user.

I am not sure what is going on, but it is very alarming to me - what am I missing here?

*Update: reported in MSP Abuse channel in discord and Thanks for the response and clarification, @discordiant!

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With 15 sp and almost no VP his flagging is pretty pointless. I wonder what he's trying to achieve? @ironshield


Hard to say what the 'reason' (haha if you can call it that) for that is. Seems like wasted effort. That energy could be spent doing far more productive stuff 😆

I have gotten a ton or "send SBD and get restemmed to 10k accounts and get 50+ upvotes" . If you dig into the posts that send money, the upvotes they are all worthless, 50+ votes and to post value was $.03

With bidbots ROI almost always negative I think they are basically built to milk the minnows as we desperately try to get eyeballs on articles that otherwise get buried in seconds.


Yep, there's a lot of phishing scams going on as well. It's unfortunate growing pains of the platform. The bid-bots are evolving, many already setting ROI limits to prevent steep losses to users. If you think about it, we sort of share that responsibility of using these services wisely.

What many people might not realize is the last-minute bidders that throw HUGE bids in and destroy the ROI = are the biggest losses. They will learn eventually or go broke..LOL

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I think many others silently agree.
Stay safe and Steem On, @senstless.

I explained the account creation part on Discord, as it's perfectly normal. (Normal registered accounts are created and delegated to from the official @steem account.)

As for the other user, it's likely that they created it as some sort of shot at recently being flagged by the anti-spam initiative of @mack-bot.


Yes, I'll admit I was very confused and I thank you for that clarification on the account creation. BIG THANKS again for your swift response and being available - your efforts do not go unnoticed​!


It's what I am here for.


You got a 18.96% upvote from @sleeplesswhale courtesy of @grow-pro!

Seems like someone thought a sock puppet downvoting others would raise his profile by comparison.


It's like people who throw trash out the window in their own neighborhood to make their yard look better in comparison. I can't get over the amount of effort and dedication in just one day - that could have been used productively and maybe earned something. /bangs head on desk


Yup, while he was doing all that he could have instead done something like what I did, can you help?

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)

That's a funny commedian whose account needs to just be trushed. Some people just like playing funny games around exposing their malicious intents.

There are also these wicked hackers who like robbing people's accounts, change passwords, transfer victims' hard worked steem and SBDs. Such a category need a serious expulsion from steemit, arrest for a charge of cyber crime.

Sorry @grow-pro for such a funny jocker playing around with your quality and productive posts.

Now he resteems other posts to get noticed and the profile page has a threat.