Against All Odds

2년 전

"There's a change in every challenge.
There's a far in every fear.
Life encouraging you to go the distance, defy the odds, and kick some arse.
So seize the day, feel brilliant.
Brilliance goes above and beyond."


Sometimes, things get a bit much for me, and the urge to create anything falls by the wayside, almost forgotten.
In-fact, it's exhausting just how much time I've spent from December to June, just trying to keep my head above water.
I've been so sick that being productive in almost any way has been a challenge - but, me being the woman I am - I don't accept no for an answer to anything, as so it is that I've been on my feet even when I should be in bed coughing my guts up. And it's irony like this that makes my day, and in turn causing me much laughter.

So, because I've been sick and my energy levels have been low (despite my daily ritual of ingesting a plethora of immune boosting and cold fighting ailments and elixirs for the past 4 months) I decided to do some coloring in 1 of my 2 coloring books. This is the end result, I hope you like it as it took approximately 9 hours to complete.
In addition to being ill, I've been inundated with so many stresses, as a result of a culmination of work dramas and home dramas and not enough time and space to myself to find my inner peace and chill the fuck out, that I have been struggling to find a balance, let alone keep that balance in place.

So, in an effort to overturn such a predicament, I decided to go to a silent retreat with a friend at my local Buddhist establishment. Now, I'm not religious in the slightest. So having to be silent for 10 hours was a definite feat!!
I'm not a big talker, though some people may differ with me on that, if I do speak it stems from passion on the subject, but mostly I'm happy to observe the differences in personality of those I interact with and get most of my enjoyment from those interactions.

One of the reasons I haven't been actively submitting entries is due to my reliant technologies not being very power resilient. The second reason is that I haven't had a working computer for awhile.
Here's a new poem:

Hot Air Balloon

From the time of conception,
A form of success was reached.
Positivity boils over to make a hard stone.

Like sheets of happiness coming alive on the page,
Uncertainty bites back with a force.
Bleeding together in unity and courage,
The colours of their dreams collide.

Hooked on the feeling to create on obsession,
Cross stitched hues delight simple minds.
In a shower of the spectrum of ideas are met.
It's too late to back out now.

Such an unfamiliar feeling of confidence confuses the crowd,
And I see civilians retreating into themselves.
The temperature of the atmosphere rises and falls just as your breath would,
And many moments transcend to silence.

Staying here I wait for your conversation,
And watch as your eyes drink me in.
Running on empty, this drive gradually gets easier,
Ever moving, just like our connection, this night isn't over.


BUT... this is the end result!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work today. Embrace all your dreams!



I'm here to make some friends and look forward to seeing your feedback in the comments below!

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Thank you for coming onto mic in TheRamble discord server at the end of PYPT and telling us about this post! I do hope that @enginewitty will see this, even without the #partikopoetry tag, because the poem is wonderful! Love the unicorn-pegasus artwork, too! Fabulous! 😊


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Thanks alot. It took me 9 hours to finish.
It's good to have methods to defuse a busy mind. I find it very relaxing.


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Pain in verse is hard to portray effectively but you gave the time element good representation. Glad people pointed this out on PYPT😎

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i been waiting for months for her to post again, so i can promote her XD
trying to get her onto choon as well, as she sings too.

we'll see.


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Hope you're doing well now. It's glad to read from you again. The poetry especially, It's just so beautifully written :)


Thanks macci. Still not 100%, but able to be productive and socially functionable again, so that's a good start. How are you?


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