Avoiding Responsibility

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When you do things that have negative consequences or outcomes, do you try to find a scapegoat to pass the buck and avoid responsibility? Do you try to find someone else to blame for the situation and circumstances you find yourself in?

Sometimes we not be directly responsible for something happening, such as a negative consequence, but we are often indirectly involved and partially responsible. How so? If you pay someone to do something, they are the ones directly doing that something, but you are paying them to do it. If you weren't paying them to do it, they wouldn't be doing it because they want money in order to do what they are doing.

This is the power of money, the power money has in our lives to get things done. This is how we can be partly responsible for things happening, even if we don't do it ourselves.

Everyday we work, we are taxed for our labor. Some people don't want to be taxed, some people almost love being taxed and view it as a social responsibility, as some form of social contract. Either way, collectively as a society, we essentially give money to the government. The government does various things with our money, such as develop weapons, sell weapons, and go to wars in our names.

We have a part to play, we hold some responsibility -- whether we like it or not -- for what the government does. All the money the government gets from us to do things in our names, we allow.

If we didn't pay our taxes, if we didn't give money to government, we wouldn't be funding various activities that the government engages in. We wouldn't be funding and giving our support to the various wars that our governments are involved in. We wouldn't be funding other corruption, wrongdoings or immorality in the world that our governments perpetuate.

I recognize that we are being coerced into paying taxes, and that taxation is theft. But we as a society, as a community, as a collective, are allowing this to continue. So long as we allow it to continue, we have partial responsibility for the outcomes that the governments create as a result of being able to do what they do with our tax money.

There is a lot of responsibility that we are shirking off. We are avoiding, denying and ignoring the part we play in being responsible for the world we are creating. Even if we aren't doing something directly with our own actions, we still have a part to play in what happens in many ways.

We were stuck using their centrally controlled money supply, even if we didn't pay taxes. But cryptocurrency has changed that. We might be able to get out from the under thumb (or boot) of centralized control and coerced extortion.

Do you wish you could stop paying taxes for theft or responsibility reasons? Maybe both? Are you fine with how things are and want to give your money to the "great" body of people called "government"?

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Yes we allow theft to continue in a corrupt government. And it makes those of us who are awake mad as hell. But what are our options? We are paying out good money to a government that does not represent them? It is criminal. There are some that have chosen to forfeit their citizenship, social security and driver's license for freedom. You can find testimonials of these heroes on the internet. But it takes a lot of courage to claim your freedom. Most Americans do not think outside the box. They would rather pay into a corrupt government. And so they push responsibility on others when indeed they are responsible for this corrupt government that is sold off to the banks, corporations and PAC committees. Thanks @krnel


Yup, the sovereignty movement ;) It's a hard road to take...

The way society is 'organized' keeps people stuck, enslaved, in a system that occupies their days so that they lack the time to think and drown in mental laziness.
I find there is no excuse to submit to the system, as never before in history have we had the freedom to choose.
Most people just choose not to think and not to choose.


Well said. Thank you for the feedback.

In my experience creating a guilty person to solve problems, will never find a solution, because they didn't even understand the problem.
In Latin culture like a Jewish-Christian society, and most in the cultures with little education and less organization, use the concept of the guilt game is to throw the monkey between hands until the weakest member in the group catches it to exorcize collective guilt.
The Latin entrepreneurs are more fixed in a business generating servilism and miserabilism, not money or competitiveness. that´s the result of guilt.
In Protestant societies, guilt is less used because entrepreneurs want to make business and they are more organized, and more prone to equate problems and find solutions to be competitive.
Protestant societies, don't have guilt about making money in business and is a seen of a better door to Heaven, to become rich.
In Africa, this guilt thing can go to extremes based on the abuse of Power, by very autocratic leaders.

I think the problem has other sides to it, not that they aren't able to be overcome but, for large communities with very diverse desires, there is likely going to always be requirements for a tax of some sort to cover the communal needs and not everyone is always going to agree to the expenditure.

Governments and their failings are somewhat of a symptom of society in my view.


What about fair responsibility to the community done voluntarily, not blind coercive extortion t be forced into paying for things?

Check out this post for example: https://steemit.com/cleaning/@full-measure/epic-link-between-cleaning-and-statism-revisited

My comment so you get an idea what it's about:

It's a good story to show how fair responsibility was not being applied, it was just blind rules being applied without context of the reality. The rules were blocking their ability to see the situation accurately and fairly.


What about fair responsibility to the community done voluntarily, not blind coercive extortion t be forced into paying for things?

Of course, but some things require more than people are willing to give now. I am not saying it won't work later though but there has to be a fundamental shift in the majority of people doesn't there? It can't just be a few who volunteer while the many or high value extract or support only what they want. That is the issue here with Self-governance, it is more self, than governance.

You're so right my friend tax = theft we need to come together to break these shackles and regain power from the 1% and I believe that the blockchain is our way forward. I want to be a responsible citizen of planet earth and help others but not via the proxy of small group of individuals who use my money for perverse agendas. Be happy & smile often my friend :)


I'm with you on that too. Lets be more responsible and shed the shackles of control :)

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Nice gif 😂
Though I don’t think tax is responsibility... that’s we have always taught ... but not all we have taught is true !


Tax is theft imo.


Is your icon L from Death Note?



I think the big buddy “gov” already have unlimited resources to depend in building the infrastructure ( and the welfare too) .. without the heavy tax stick.


So what about you? Who like to pay taxes?

Sorry for the random post on the thread @krnel, just wanted to tell you you have a new follower and my witness vote too. Vegan witness only. Keep up the good work. I'll be digging through your back catalog.


Cool, thanks for the support :)

Who likes paying taxes, huh?!

It’s the power of a promise. Money is just a promise of value. You do something you get value in return, if you offered somebody a place to sleep and a warm meal for tending to your garden thats a promise of value, the same as a gold bond, , taxation bill, banknote, dollar, or distributer ledger system. Value drives an economy, not money, the more secure a line of value is the more its truly worth. Thats why the fed had control for so long. Hold onto the ledger for everyone, hold something that represents value and give out a promise. Its simple. If you scratch my back, i scratch yours, you give me eggs and i give you milk. Money blinds us to what it all is. Being valuable human beings. Having existential value on a fundamental level. All humans have this, thats why a global blockchain system is so important to me anyways. @krnel

i do not want to pass my money into those dirty hands, but if i avoid giving taxes it'll directly effect me and others around me..
talk about responsibility i must add that we all must admit what is really needed to be done under our commands.. if things go wrong we should be responsible for that cause we were the people who were supposed to look after

Just wondering, who are these people that you mention:
"some people almost love being taxed"


They view it as a duty, pride to do it, and want to give government money to help the poor, social programs, etc. I have met some.


Oh i know a LOT of people who want to and actually do give a lot of time and money to help the poor and disadvantaged, advance social justice etc --but they all choose to donate directly to the nonprofit organizations whose mission statement is to do just that... or they start their own nonprofit to do just that. But they never want to give that money to the government to do that job. Maybe it's different in your country if youre not in US. Good that you have met these people through -- they are rare!


There are two basic types of these people.

A. Those who send every spare nickle they have above and beyond what they "owe."(basically nobody)

B. Liars

Taxation is theft forever and always.


No... they just like the idea of paying to help people. and want to pay taxes because of social needs, etc. They don't send every spare nickle, nor are liars... Taxation is theft, but they don't see it that way...


If that be the case they should take their love of helping people to it's logical conclusion of 100% taxation of all income and allow their demigod saviors to redistribute accordingly.

Since they clearly believe that the mere mortals outside of public office are incapable of charity, self defense, education, and flat spaces to drive on.

Nice thought.

Because as often as not, tax dollars get spent for things that the public does neither wants nor needs and would not choose to pay for, such as war.

Here In Norway we pay a great amount of taxes, but still, it really creates a security and support for the people that struggle. We get free health-insurance and get salary from the state if we aren't able to get a job.
However, I would love to see the change from where we all have personal resposibility with our own money, the question is - are we ready for that? I'm not sure, people need to learn how to take responsibilty..And if they don't I can see the system we have here being relatively most likely better.