Smells of smell are found in nostalgia

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There are many houses in our mind, where the past lives in pieces. On the way, we saw some scenes, sounds or smells, and we looked back and saw some parts of life. Sometimes, for the purpose of a memorable place, sometimes it goes out in search of happiness of the past.
Such a place is located at Satmasjid Road in Dhanmondi, the nostalgic cafe. In this open-air restaurant, there is also a delicious meal, as well as a chance to get out of the hotel. One of the most popular Nostalgic Cafe among the different types of restaurants in Dhaka due to the opportunity to spend time with the family, friends or special people.

There are some memories in the lives of human beings, and some of them are special. In our country, there is a mix of tastes in the chat room under a big tree. Continental restaurant Nostalgic cafe started on 12th April, 2015, with the intention of keeping some beautiful memories alive. To keep the student life and the happiness of life spent in the past, this restaurant will be able to preserve the happiness. The origin of the name of the Café Nostalgia is also from the idea. The organizers wanted people to spend some good time in the memories of this restaurant.

This restaurant is located in the center of Dhanmondi, not only with personal memories or emotions, but also the memories of national leaders. This restaurant was located in the house of Tajuddin Ahmed, the first prime minister of Bangladesh. There is a lag on the street in front of this house. Tajuddin's memory is arranged by the nostalgic café, with color lights ranged from Dhaka's light. And a wooden signboard below the tree, you can welcome the nostalgic written by the English alphabet, at the top floor of the building, there is a great opportunity to overcome the warmth of memory.

Before walking inside the restaurant, you will take away your eyes, the little lobby arranged externally out of the elevator. Green plants, small seating spaces and colorful fishes flying on the soil tubes will welcome you. Then take a look at the restaurant and you will grab two banyan trees. No, not a bossy rabbit. Wooden pillar and roof-like paintings have been given by the feeling of the banyan tree. Various seating spaces scattered under the painted banyan. It seems like you are calling a banyan tree

There are many old people in the crowd, who are crowded here. Someone came along with friends, no family and no other than a loved one. Restaurant manager Sifat Reza said, with a delicious meal, along with a nice place to offer a quiet chat, some people came back again and again. He was also honored by giving a membership card to a regular customer. Membership card holders enjoy 15% discount in this restaurant.

On the side walls of the cavernous nostalgic, there are hand painted pictures. The blue pattern is painted in the picture which is in our memory, such as the Gramophone, Old Dayland, Mobile, Beaugle, Latim, Rubik Cube, Antenna Television, Ludor Six, Cassette Player, Headphones, CD, Torch and Torch. Battery, mailbox and letter, radio, Vespa pictures. A piece of scattered fragments scattered around this wall will take a pair of memories on the day of the landfill, the memories of the sweet almighty. A corporate colleague who is working in the coffee cup in front of the window, will return to the friend's party in the days to meet his Ludo crowd.

A wonderful view of Dhanmondi on the side of the glass window. It may seem like sitting in the afternoon of spring, 'If rain is coming down!' In one place where you can eat coffee, it is possible to go through a noon to see the rain, from the other end of Dhaka. Whether it is sad or sad, memory is always colorful. So maybe the nostalgia seating arrangement is also colored in many colors. The design of comfortable wooden chairs is also reflected in the variety of tastes. If you are tired of sitting in the chair, you can get a small round table in the colorful cushion under the side of a banyan tree.

Menoucard has been arranged with matches of warm and elite interiors here. Sifat Reza said the specialty of nostalgic café food is that all ingredients are made fresh and prepared after ordering.

Lemon Garlic Chicken With Mashed Potato And Sutted Vegetable Mashad potato butter and creamy flavor with lemon, garlic and other spices flourish. In all, the great taste and smell of a great balance of dishes gets full, if there is a glass nostalgic mix.

Nostalgic Mix, the taste of Mocklele, has changed over time. Sometimes there will be raw mango and pineapple pineapple and malta taste. Along with Mocklele's, Lemonade, various shakes, licks, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

In addition to this, there are various types of soup, steak, kebab, momo, barbecue, rap, salad, chicken and beef, different prepressions, seafood, drinks and desserts. If you find it difficult to pick up different food and drinks from different menus, you can choose one of the plates. Three different stripes will be available in three varieties. Perry Perry Chicken With Fried Rice, Steamed Chicken Momo, Soft Vegetables, Cassious Salad! You'll have to go to Cafe Nostalgia to get such a diverse diet. There will also be differences between the Bucket Platter. Gilded potato is available in any of the grilled chic
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