Crypto Fast 2 - Day 5 of 50

2년 전

Going to talk about two very cool yet quaint restaurants in downtown Burlingame. I have personally frequented each one and must say they are quite amazing in style and ambiance.

The first one is Trapeze. Under the direction of chef Steve Tosun, Trapeze represents a California lifestyle with nuances of Italian and Mediterranean touch. The menu infuses seasonal, fresh local produce in an extensive array of small plates. Casual settings include a dining hall, a private salon and an elegant cocktail bar.

The second one is Flights. Alex and Sarah Hult founded Flights a few years ago. Flights is a comfort food tapas style restaurant with a custom cocktail program. Everything on the menu is served as a trio of three different flavors including food, cocktails, wine, beer and even desserts! Excellent food combined with flight attendant servers and aviation themed decor.

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