Why 80% Of Americans Face A Retirement Crisis

3년 전

In spite of a surging economy and asset pricing going through the roof, it appears that not all is rosy amoung the American public.

A number of studies are revealing that Americans are ill-prepared for retirement despite a decade long surge in stocks and a housing market that took off in many areas.

The median American retirement is $0 when all workers are factored in. Using only those who do have retirement accounts with something in them, the number is only $40,000. This is well short of the amount needed that experts say will get one through retirement.

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There is no financial education in schools of the USSA

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Buenos información, saludos

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Unfortunately, most do not think much past right now as far as finances go. It is scary how many live financially week to week.

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we can't fund our retirement with debt??


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Its the persons own choice not to think into the future :)

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This is by system design. People working for someone else earn what that entity dictates. Working for someone else is not designed to make most rich; but, in the majority of cases, just enough to 'get by'. Even those with healthy salaries are taxed to oblivion.

[Note to self:] In this tech-era everyone of all ages should have an internet-based side gig to become less dependent on an employer.


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