Commodore Microcomputers (September/October 1985)


Commodore had it's own publications for most of the life of the life of the company (the computer years anyway). Early on, they had two bi-monthly publications. Commodore Microcomputers was the more serious/business oriented one. The October 1985 issue includes:

  • Letters
  • News

  • Software Reviews
    • Injured Engine
    • Forcast!
    • Dream House
    • Fast Loaders
    • SwiftCalc
    • Loadstar
    • S.A.T. Preparation Program
    • Vizastar
    • Build a Book About You
    • BASIC-64
    • Word Pro 64
    • Trio

  • Behind the Programs
    • The Man Behind the Muppets with a review of Welcome Aboard

  • Computer Wizard
    • Commodore 128 Sound

  • Programmer's Tips
    • Simple Window
    • Modem/300 File Translator

  • Book Reviews
    • Commodore 64 Family Helper
    • Getting the Most Out of CompuServe

  • Commodore 64 Users Only
    • Fabulous Figure Maker
    • SID Plays Bach

  • Technical Tips
    • Random Thoughts
    • The Computer Scientist


    • Buyer's Guide to Voice Synthesis - Your Commodore 64 can talk - and listen - using relatively inexpensive speech devices.
    • Update Amiga - A first look at Commodore's revolutionary new 68000-based computer, with graphics and sound like you've never seen or heard from a micro before, windowing, icons - and speed.
    • Become Radio-Active With Your Commodore 64 - The Commodore 64 has helped advance the art of amateur radio.

  • User Groups
  • How To Enter Programs In Commodore Microcomputers

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