EGM 2 (August 1994)

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For a few years anyway, one issue enough just wasn't enough for Electronic Gaming Monthly. So they came up with EGM 2 (EGM^2...whatever). Each one was in the neighborhood of 200 pages most months and sometimes larger. The August 1994 issue of EGM 2 includes:

  • Knuckle Down with the Latest Installment in the Sonic Series! - We've got the scoop on Sega's latest step in technology, the add-on cart Sonic & Knuckles. You can now play as that ornery critter from Sonic 3. There are more techniques for players to master, like Knuckles' gliding and wall-scaling maneuvers. Of course, Dr. Robotnik is here once again to make sure both of these boys have a rough time. You'll have a ball visiting all-new levels and learning the secrets of the game. Sonic fans all across the glob won't want to miss it.

  • Put On Your Driving Gloves and Goggles for Daytona USA - Start your engines racing fans! Daytona USA is crashing into the arcade! In this issue of EGM 2, we've devoted four super-intense pages to the quarter-muncher. Hold on tight as wee speed through every turn, hazard and straightaway in this Virtua Racing-style game.

  • Departments
    • Insert Coin
    • Interface: Letters ro the editor
    • Fandom Central
    • Press Start
    • Gaming Gossip
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Next Wave
    • International Outlook
    • Arcade Action
    • Contests
    • Arcade Strategy

  • Fact Files
    • International Fact Files - The Land of the Rising Sun comes through again with the coolest games around, including Ghost Chaser Densei, Ninja Boy, Zig Zag Cat, and Ragnacenty. It's all here in this issue of EGM 2!
    • Super NES Times - Feeling the summertime blues? Well, Super NES has the cure with such radical carts as Power Rangers, Popeye, Demon's Crest, Batman, Michael Jordan, Crazy Chase, Super Punch Out, and Mega Man X 2.
    • Outpost Sega - Although it's the dog days of summer, Sega is going strong with their latest releases. Jump into the action with such new carts as Star Blade, Battlecorps, Zero Tolerance, and Aero 2.

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I absolutely loved EGM and EGM2 in high hchool. These were the grown-up magazines back in their day, especially compared to GamePro. Later on in the mid-90's I started reading Next Generation magazine, but always maintained a subscription with EGM until the early 2000's.


VideoGames & Computer Entertainment was my favorite video games magazine but EGM was a close second. I never really liked GamePro either. Not only did I think the content wasn't as good but it always seemed like everything was thrown on the pages randomly. I'm sure a lot of work went into making it look that way too.

Next Generation was great too but it didn't last very long.

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